Iraya Honey & Liquorice Face Milk Moisturizer Review

Iraya Honey & Liquorice Face Milk Moisturizer Review

Hello Beauties,

Summer has arrived already and probably you girls have already stocked up some sunscreens and soothing Face lotions for summer skin care. I have extremely sensitive skin which will easily get tanned and irritated by the Sun though I go out with Sunscreen protection. I feel helpless sometimes when I have to go out in the peek Summer time that I am sure I will return to home with tanned irritated skin. Recently I got Iraya Honey & Liquorice Face Milk for soothing the Sun irritated skin especially and I am using it regularly, so now the time to review this Face lotion. Let us see the Review in detail…

About The Product:

Best Face Moisturizers
Iraya Honey & Liquorice Face Milk Moisturizer Review

Iraya Honey & Liquorice Face Milk Moisturizer 

Price 395 Rs for 150 ml

Shelf Life 2 Years

Available in Online Beauty Stores

Product Description:

Honey and Liquorice Face milk nourishes and Protects with the goodness of Himalayan honey, liquorice and sesame oil, this delicious face milk nourishes and protects the skin. It gives skin a boost of essential nutrients and helps even skin tone, leaving the soft, smooth and radiant skin.

Apply the Face Milk using fingertips, on face and neck and gently massage with smooth upward movements. Best to use after cleansing and toning. Can be used to sooth skin after exposure to the Sun.

It is 100% vegetarian and not tested on Animals.


Key Ingredients:

Honey: Nourishes and Smoothens

Liquorice: Evens skin tone.

Sesame Oil: Rich Source of Anti-Oxidants

Aqua, Liquorice, Priyangu, Banyan Tree, Honey, Sesame Stearic acid, Vegetable Glycerin, Glycerol, Fatty Acid Ester, CetoStearyl, Alcol, Borax, Pottasium Hydroxide, Citrus Grandis, Phenoxyehanol, Essential oils of Rose, Basil.

My Experience with Iraya Honey & Liquorice Face Milk:


Face Moisturizers
Iraya Honey & Liquorice Face Milk Moisturizer Review

This face lotion comes in a sturdy plastic bottle with a pump dispenser, if you close the pump dispenser you can carry it with you while travelling. It is a transparent packaging.

The Colour, Texture and Smell:

Face Moisturizers
Iraya Honey & Liquorice Face Milk Moisturizer Review

The Colour of this face lotion is light yelow and it is very runny lotion in texture. This lotion smells purely herbal but bearable only.

My Take:

My skin type has changed from very oily to combination skin now a days, especially my cheeks behaving so weird now a days, but it is manageable by extra dose of  regular moisturizer. Actually my problem is when I apply a moisturizer my T-Zone looks good and hydrated where my Cheeks looks bit tight and needs extra moisture all the time than the T-Zone. When I started using this Face milk as a moisturizer for my face, My cheeks also looks normal and hydrated like my T-zone. This lotion immediately makes the skin plump and hydrated. I can see the visible difference from my glowing skin.

Face Moisturizers
Iraya Honey & Liquorice Face Milk Moisturizer Review
Face Moisturizers
Iraya Honey & Liquorice Face Milk Moisturizer Review

My dry cheeks feels very comfortable after applying this lotion, my Nose and forehead also doesn’t looks very oily. This Lotion’s texture is very light and it get absorbed into the skin in no time. I have used this face lotion when I return back from outside to indoor after a hot humid day. This lotion is really soothing and calming to my Sun burned skin. My skin felt really relaxed and energized. It is really a great face lotion those who is suffering by sensitive skin and very dry skin. It gives really a smooth and radiant skin by regular use. Sometimes I use to take bit extra amount of this face lotion and keep massaging it on my face to get relaxed facial skin.

I have never faced any allergy or breakouts due to this face milk moisturizer. My skin is absolutely fine with this lotion and it is very useful for my sensitive skin.

My Likes with Iraya Honey & Liquorice Face Milk:

  1. It is a herbal product.
  2. A little amount is enough for your entire face and neck.
  3. Gives a radiant and glowing skin by regular use.
  4. Not tested on animals.
  5. Mild herbal smell.
  6. Easily gets absorbed into the skin.
  7. Goodness of Honey and Liquorice.
  8. Great for sensitive and dry skin.
  9. Doesn’t makes skin oily.
  10. Very light texture that can be used under makeup.

My Dislikes with Iraya Honey & Liquorice Face Milk:

Actually I love this lotion, there is no dislike for me personally…

Final Thoughts:

Iraya Honey & Liquorice Face Milk Moisturizer is a great lotion for everyday use, it can sooth and soften your Sun burned skin and make it looks radiant and glowing. I feel Sensitive skin girls must try this lotion…

Hope My Review is Useful…

By Radha…

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