Winter Skin and Hair care Tips

Winter Skin and Hair care Tips

Hello Beauties,
It’s been really long time that I have shared beauty tips in our blog. I know you all are really bored of continues product reviews. So today I am going to share the important skin and hair care tips for this winter. Generally we will enjoy winter season, because there will not be hot sweaty sunny days and you don’t need AC for all the time.

Beauty tips for skin care
Winter Skin and Hair care Tips

But when we face dry skin, dry scalp, dry lips problems and dandruff will make your enjoyment to tragedy. I have seen some people always struggling to keep their skin soft and hydrated in this season. Here are some simple and effective tips for smooth and soft skin as well as hair. Do continue to read this post to know more…

How to cure your dry scalp and dandruff?
You know what the most oily skin and scalp in summer which is tend to get totally dry. So in winter dandruff problem is so common. Here is a simple remedy for curing dandruff…

Winter Skin and Hair care Tips

Take 10 ml of milk and boil it well. The milk should be rich in fat content. While boiling the milk add 3 spoonful of powdered Tulsi leaves. Later let the mixture to cool until it become warm, in that stage take the milk and apply it all over the scalp and hair, now cover your head by a shower cap. After half an hour wash your hair well. This method should be done in your clean scalp. It is better to start this method in the beginning stage of dandruff.

For Lips Dryness:
This is a common problem around the winter. It is very painful when you get dryness on your lips. It is very easy to recover and prevent your lips from such dryness.

Winter Skin and Hair care Tips

Take a spoonful of cooked Oats and mix it  with 1/4 spoon wheat flour. Mix this both ingredients well and make it like a paste and apply it all over the lips. Then slowly tub the mixture and massage your lips for few minutes and then wash it off. Now your lips dead skin cells will be removed and you can feel the softness of your lips. Now apply some butter on your lips and go to sleep, I mean you have to do it before going to sleep.

Massaging your lips by pure Honey can also helps to get rid of dryness on the lips and keep it hydrated well.

Remedy for Dry Skin:
Dry skin is an annoying problem for everyone during winter. Even oily skin girls will also suffer by this problem. There is an effective method for this dry skin problem.

Winter Skin and Hair care Tips

Take Olive oil and Almond oil each one spoonful, now heat the mixture lightly. After that apply the oil mixture all over the face and neck, then massage gently for few minutes. Now leave it for half an hour, after that take a cotton wool and wipe it off the excess oil. Remember don’t wash your face. Do it before going to sleep. If you do it regularly you are the proud owner of soft and supple skin.

Winter Skin and Hair care Tips

Also adding 1 cup of milk in your last rinse of bathing water regularly makes skin smooth and glow.

Those who have acne prone skin don’t try this method.

Those who are suffering by very dry skin in hand and legs can massage your skin by using mustard oil before 15 minutes to take bath regularly. During bath use Oats and Gram flour instead of soap will increase the effectiveness.

For dry feet problem apply butter all over your feet and cover it by a cotton cloth. In the morning you will wake with soft and silky feet.

Hope the Remedies are simple and will be useful for you all…
By Radha


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