Aromamagic Almond Under Eye Cream Review

Aromamagic Almond Under Eye Cream Review
Hello Beauties,
I have used this under eye cream sometime back which is now emptied by me almost. I love Aromamagic products very much, they have really good range of face washes, creams and face packs which are Paraben free. I have used their Under Eye Gel which is already reviewed here. I use to slight dark circles and eye puffiness now and then because of my sinus problem. So, I use good natural under eye cream at that time to solve the problem. I am not a regular user of eye creams. I got this eye cream through online shop. Let us see the review in detail…

About the Product:

Best affordable eye creams
Aromamagic Almond Under Eye Cream Review

Aromamagic Almond Under Eye Cream 
Price 135 RS for 20 gm
Shelf life 3 years
Available in online shops as well as Health n Glow Outlets…

Product Description:
Aromatherapy Oils and Cosmetics, the science of wellness
Vitamins A and C give excellent  tone nourishment, Suppleness, Minimize wrinkles and rings around the eyes.
Directions to Use:
Gently pat the cream around the eyes with finger tips and wipe off with damp cotton after 20 minutes.

Active Ingredients:
Extracts of Almond, Lemon Peel, Bach and pure essential oils, Carrot and Lavender.

My Experience with Aromamagic Almond Under Eye Cream:

Aromamagic Almond Under Eye Cream Review

The Under eye cream comes in a tiny white tube with a red colour screw open nozzle, it is  travel and user friendly. You can carry it with you even in your mini pouch.

The Colour, Texture and Smell:

Aromamagic Almond Under Eye Cream Review

The colour of the eye cream is white and the texture is bit thick and creamy. It smells mild and good, I guess it smells like almond.

My Take:
I was using this eye cream morning and evening regularly. I will take very small amount of the eye cream like a tiny dot and massage it gently around my eyes. I didn’t wipe it off at any time as they mentioned on their package. Because the eye cream is completely absorbed on the skin and there is no oily residue to wipe it off. It hydrates the eye area very well, which is the great part of this eye cream. It moisturize enough the eye area and keep it smooth and soft for long time. As I use to browse and work in front of laptop for long time, my eyes use to get tired and dry often. This eye cream comes handy for my eyes at those times.


Whenever I woke up in the morning I use to get puffiness in my eyes due to continuous cold problem. But, once I applied this eye cream my puffiness under the eyes use to to get back to normal after some time. This eye cream was helpful for me at that time, also continuous use of this eye cream helped me to remove my light dark circles and made my under eye area even in colour. Regarding fine lines and wrinkles, yes I do have few fine lines under my eyes, but this Aromamagic Almond Under Eye Cream is not that much effective for reducing fine lines.

Overall it is a good under eye cream for daily use and really moisturize and hydrates your under eye area well.

My Likes with Aromamagic Almond Under Eye Cream:

It is an affordable eye cream.
It is a paraben free product.
It is a good moisturizer for under eye area.
It hydrates the eye’s skin well.
It comes for long time.
It has almond as ingredient which is good for eyes.
Regular use will reduce light dark circles.
Reduce eye’s puffiness.
It is easily absorbed by the skin.

My Dislikes with Aromamagic Almond Under Eye Cream:

Not so effective on removing fine lines or wrinkles of under eye area.
Will not be effective on very bad dark circles.
No full ingredients list mentioned.

Final Thoughts:
Aromamagic Almond Under Eye Cream is a good everyday use eye cream which is hydrating and moisturizing your eye are well. Those who want an affordable eye cream to protect their eyes from getting dark circles and simply moisturize their eyes should go for this eye cream…
Hope My Review is Helpful…
By Radha


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