Faces Eye Shadow Brush Review, Price and Picture Details

Faces Eye Shadow Brush Review, Price and Picture Details
Hello Girls,
For me eye shadow brushes not a must thing, they are for makeup artists only until I started a beauty blog and got introduced with some makeup experts. Later I wanted try eye shadows on my eyes with the help of eye makeup brushes and started to buy affordable makeup brushes to practice. In that mission I found some awesome eye makeup brushes which are really inexpensive and great in blending eye shadows on eyes. I got this Faces Eye Shadow Brush in an online shop last year. The price and the brand attracted me to buy it immediately. Let us see the Review…About The Product:

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Faces Eye Shadow Brush Review, Price and Picture Details

Faces Eye Shadow Brush 
Price 95 Rs 
Available in all online shops and in Faces Cosmetics outlets…
Product Description:
Faces Eye Shadow Brush

Soft Nylon Bristles.
Use with Eye Powders to define, Blend or Contour.

Direction for Use:
Faces Eye Shadow Brush is excellent for contouring, shaping and blending. With the flat side up, use a back- and – forth fanning motion to apply, blend or contour your favorite eye colours.
For best Results:
Regularly wash bristles with warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly and gently squeeze out excess water and allow to air dry.
My Experience with Faces Eye Shadow Brush:
I bought this mainly for blending eye shadows. Please don’t laugh because I used my fingers before to blend my eye shadows. But, after started suing this Faces Eye Shadow Brush I really felt guilty that why I didn’t try these blending brushes for my eye makeup before. Because this brush do wonder in blending eye shadows on eye.
This tiny brush do wonder on your eye makeup part. When I started blending eye shadow using this brush I saw beautiful results in the end of my eye makeup. It helps blending the eye shadow on the eyes basically well and it helps to shape and contour it as well. It reduces the spilling of eye shadow powders and compact it on the eyes well. I use to start my eye makeup only with this brush.


I am using it more than a year and washed it so many times. The bristles of this eye shadow blending brush is very soft and gentle. It is never harsh on the sensitive eye skin. Till date I see very rare falling of its bristles. It stays with me in good condition from the date when I bought it. I love this Faces Eye Shadow Brush very much, so it got a precious place in my Beauty stash.
My Likes with Faces Eye Shadow Brush:

Pretty Affordable.
Best for makeup beginners.
Travel friendly.
Soft bristles.
No Falling of bristles.
Blends the eye shadow very well.
Can perfect your eye makeup well.
Easy to wash.

Absolutely there is no Dislikes 
My Final Thoughts:
Faces Eye Shadow Brush is a best eye makeup brush for blending the eye shadow well and perfect for makeup beginners with an affordable price tag.
Hope My Review is Helpful…
By Radha


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