Anne French Creme Hair Remover Review

Anne French Creme Hair Remover Review
Hello Beauties,
Removing hair from legs and hands is an irritating job for me… I sometime hesitate to do this because of the annoying smell of the hair removal creams and imperfections caused by them. But, this Anne French Creme Hair Remover somewhat impressed me to do this hair removal without any hesitation. I am using it now and then, but not regularly, still it makes me feel comfortable whenever I use this hair removal cream. I hope every girl must have some hair removal cream in their stash and I would recommend this one to try once, let us see the reason why I am recommending it…About the Product:

Hair removal creams in India
Anne French Creme Hair Remover Review

Anne French Creme Hair Remover 
Price 60 Rs for 45 G
Available easily in all offline and online beauty stores…

Product Description:
Anne French Creme Hair Remover is enriched by Shea surprise and Aloe. It can make smoother skin in 3 minutes.

Ingredients and Precautions:

How To Use:

My Experience with Anne French Creme Hair Remover:
Anne French Creme Hair Remover comes in a handy tube with a applicator cap and sponge. The whole set looks amazing and makes the hair removal job easy. It is easy to carry with us while we travelling.

The colour, Smell and Texture:
The colour of this hair removal cream is muddy white and it smells very mild, there is no chemical lab smell from this creme like other hair removal cremes. The texture of te cream is thick and creamy.

My Take:
The whole kit helps us to do the process easily and I love the applicator cap and sponge in this kit, they are very helpful. There is no need to explain how I used it because It is shown in the picture clearly already for your reference. Remove the normal screw open cap and replace the applicator cap when you start the process. My hair is bit thick but not dense, so I kept it for 5 minutes and then removed it by the help of wet sponge given in the kit. Almost all the hairs removed and few left here and there also can be removed by swiping the sponge again and again with slight pressure.

That’s it you are done the whole process, finish it off by washing your hair removed parts by warm water and then applying a thick moisturizer. My skin remains soft and smooth for 5 more days. It is awesome and I loved the results. It is best for regular use and it doesn’t make any irritations or allergies. Better to avoid hair removal creams while skin is damaged or have any open cuts in skin. Otherwise after reading the precautions you can proceed the process with the given guidance.

My Likes with Anne French Creme Hair Remover:

It is affordable
It is easily available.
It is easy to use.
Provided with an applicator cap and a sponge.
No annoying smell.
No harmful side effects.
Using procedure made easy with the kit.
The cream is thick and removes 97% hair.
It leaves the skin soft.

There is no Dislikes…
My Final Thoughts:
Anne French Creme Hair Remover is a good hair removal cream for regular use. I think, every girl must ave this in their stash.
Hope My Review is Helpful…
by Radha


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