Nizral Ketoconazole Solution Shampoo Review for Dandruff Problem

Nizral Ketoconazole Solution Shampoo Review for Dandruff Problem
Hello Girls,
Dandruff!!! Every men and women have to face this problem in their life now and then, yes? We are using (testing) so many products to cure dandruff. But, so many products failed to cure dandruff or dandruff comes return back when we stop using those products. I have dandruff problem many years back and after marriage I use to get it now and then. I use to treat dandruff as soon as possible as it may cause severe hair fall and pimples on face if not treated well. Recently I saw this Nizral Ketoconazole Solution Shampoo while my brother using it. He told that it is very effective on dandruff control. Immediately I am tempted to try this product, let us see that it is effective as my brother said or not…About the Product:

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Nizral Ketoconazole Solution Shampoo Review for Dandruff Problem

Nizral Ketoconazole Solution Shampoo
Price 210 for 50 ml
Shelf life 1 1/2 year
Available in all Medical shops…

Product Description:
Nizral Ketoconazole Solution Shampoo is effective treatment for pityriasis capitis (Dandruff), Seborrhoeic Dermatitis and Pityriasis Versicolor.

This product made by Johnson & Johnson brand.

Couldn’t find it on the bottle…

My Experience with Nizral Ketoconazole Solution Shampoo:

This shampoo comes in a white sturdy plastic bottle with orange colour flip open cap. It is travel friendly.

The Smell, Colour and Texture:

This shampoo is in red colour and has medicinal smell by default. The texture is runny liquid but bit thicker than other normal shampoos.

My Take:
I have used it 5 times in a year, it means it is not a product that you should use it regularly. My brother used it regularly because he had severe dandruff problem. Though I didn’t have dandruff problem I bought this shampoo for future use at that time. My brother told that this shampoo was suggested by his Doctor. Though this shampoo is not recommended by any Doctor to me, I wanted to test its effectiveness on dandruff control, as a beauty blogger.

When the winter season arrived and my hair became dry. This is the time that I get dandruff mostly. That time I just used thrice in a month and the dandruff problem got controlled just like that. I got amazed by its results and later I kept it on my stash safely for future use. I have noticed that this shampoo has caused slight hair fall while I was using it. But the hair fall got resolved once I stopped using it. It is because this shampoo is a strong medicine against scalp infections. So, one who have not any serious issue on their scalp should use it mixed with water.

So, this Nizral Ketoconazole Solution Shampoo is very useful for those who use to get dandruff often. Apart from the medicinal smell it lathers well and cleanse the scalp very well. As per my observation this shampoo does dry out the hair slightly and one should avoid using it on the scalp directly, instead they can use it in a diluted form.

My Likes with Nizral Ketoconazole Solution Shampoo:

It is really effective on dandruff problem.
Easily available.
Travel friendly.
Lather well.
Cleanse the scalp well.
Best medicine for scalp related problems.

My Dislikes with Nizral Ketoconazole Solution Shampoo:

Causing slight hair fall (might be a side effect of the medicine)
Drying of hair, you need to use a perfect hair conditioner.

Use it in a diluted form by mixing it with water, otherwise better to use it under a Doctor prescription.
Hope My Review helped you to get an idea about this product…
by Radha


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