Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My Anarkali Kurta and Leggings Clothing Haul from Myntra.com

My Kurta and Leggings Haul from Myntra.com
Hello Girls,
So, after my amazon.in clothing haul, I am sharing another haul of kurtas and leggings from Myntra.com. I love to pair long Kurta or anarkali kurta with leggings. I have almost all colour leggings with me. I was browsing Myntra's women's clothing section for anarkali kurtas and got amazed with their great deals and discounts which I liked the most from them. They have different options of discounts and coupons in your My Myntra section. Let us see the review in detail...

About Myntra.com:
I have already reviewed Myntra.com in my blog for their beauty care products, but I never turned my head to their clothing section at that time. After my Amaon.com's clothing shopping, I did browsed Myntra first for Ethnic wear especially for Kurtas. Regarding clothing section at Myntra I have to say they have vast range of collections especially for women and also they are selling them for such a good deal.
Online clothing shopping for women
My Anarkali Kurta and Leggings Clothing Haul from Myntra.com
They have all varieties of Ethnic wears for women, also western wear, but I am not much into western wear, because I am not much comfortable with them. So, my choice are always a kurta (Short, Anarkali, Straight or A-line) with patiala or leggings and I wear Saree occasionally. The Anarkali kurtas shown in the above picture are my first ever clothing purchase with Myntra. Later I did shop with them lot of stuffs like pair of leggings and dupattas, inner wears, Sarees and Patiala sets etc.
My Anarkali Kurta and Leggings Clothing Haul from Myntra.com
I love this pink Anarkali Kurta like anything and I am pairing it with my green leggings, it looks amazing when I wear also this anarkali kurta fits perfectly. This is from a brand called "Motif" which has some good collections of kurtas.
My Anarkali Kurta and Leggings Clothing Haul from Myntra.com
This green Anarkali kurta from a brand called "Anouk" also has awesome and affordable kurta collections. I have modified and designed extra in the neck part as I felt it is so plain, but this also has perfect fit and awesome look. I am pairing it with orange leggings which I bought from Myntra again.
I bought this black and orange leggings with dupatta at a good discount, this pair of black and orange leggings sold there for such a cheap price and the quality is so amazing too. I bought two sarees for my MIL in buy one get one offer from them. She liked them a lot and I forgot to click pictures of them. The inner wears are in Myntra are for so cheap and the quality is ok, but not so good.

What I like from Myntra Clothing Shopping:
  1. Their day to day awesome deals and discounts, (sometimes useless too)
  2. They give you extra 35% offer when you join new.
  3. Salwar suit sets and Kurtas available for unbelievable affordable prices.
  4. Good navigation and easy to search your like categories.
  5. At times they give you some good discounts at sarees and other cloth stuffs.
  6. Wide range of collections of cloths for women in brands like Melange, People, Biba, Anouk, Shree....
  7. They keeps you update about their offers via SMS (sometimes it became annoying too)
What I don't Like with Myntra Clothing Shopping:
  1. Their lethargic delivery, this is a big turn off for me. This time I purchased a turquoise patiala with them and When I see the tracking details it says arrived at my location's courier center. But after two days only I got the parcel. See how lethargic. 
  2. Last time when I ordered a patiala kurta set, they sent me only kurta. I was messaging them and calling their customer care etc like hell to get back the missed patiala. But, finally I got it. 
  3. Their inner wears are so cheap in quality and they got damaged with in few washes.
  4. They force their customers indirectly to shop above 1599 Rs or 1999 Rs or 999 etc, unless you can't their discounts. This is also a big turn off for me.
  5. Return or exchange " Don't think it is easy to do with them" you have to fight with them like hell.
Hope this review will be useful for you all...
by Radha