Faces Hydro Toner Review, Price and Pictures

Faces Hydro Toner Review,
Price and Pictures
Hello Beauties,
After a long break I got
time to write a review, it is about a toner which became a favourite skin care
product of my daily routine. I was using toner regularly which has lavender or
rose as ingredient. Most of the toners in the market contains alcohol which is
a big no for my sensitive skin, sometimes I use to left my skin without toner
and if I get any suitable toner my skin type I will continue to use. So, this
is Faces Hydro Toner from Faces Canada Cosmetics and this is the first
skin care product I am using from this range. Let us the review in detail…
About the Product:
Best toner for skin to hydrate skin
Faces Hydro Toner Review, Price and Pictures
Faces Hydro Toner
Price 399 RS for 100 ml
Self life 3 years
Available at Faces Canada
Cosmetics Stores in big malls at city, In Chennai we have one Faces stores at
EA and in Pothys cosmetics section they too have this Faces Stores.

Product Description:
Faces Hydro Toner make
your skin feel refreshed, clean and soft.
Delicate on skin
Rich in Anti-Oxidants
Restores pH balance
For all skin type
This gentle and soothing
toner hydrates the skin keeping it perfectly clean and soft. It tones the skin
and refines pores for a clearer complexion.

Leaves your skin smooth,
supple and hydrated after each use.
Purified water,
Glycerin, Polysorbate 20, Phenoxyethanol, Niacinamide, Rosemary Extract, Amla
Extract, Tamarind extract, Allantoin, Disodium EDTA, Sodium Lactate, Hyaluronic
Acid, Fragrance.
My Experience with Faces
Hydro Toner:
The Faces Hydro
Toner comes in a half white cylindrical sturdy plastic package with a pump
dispenser which is covered by a tight plastic cap. It is travel and user
The Smell, Texture and
The smell of the toner
is very mild and pleasant. The texture is like a colourless water and
My Take:
The best thing with
this Faces Hydro Toner attracted me so much is “Hyaluronic Acid”
which is known as master of skin hydration and skin renewal, also used in
skin’s anti-ageing products. I always search products especially night creams
with this ingredient and end up couldn’t find any affordable product available
in Indian market. But, luckily got this toner as a press sample last month and
really was very excited to try it.
I use to apply this
toner by cotton and sometimes by fingers, later tab it on my face to get it
absorbed completely on the skin. This toner sinks with my oily to combination
skin in no time. This toner never leaves my skin oily or greasy and even there
is no irritation or tingling sensation on my sensitive skin. This toner works
on my large open pores nearby my nose to make them look smaller. It is really
awesome toner and I love it very much to use in my daily skin care routine. This
toner really hydrates the skin very well and keeps it soft.
more interesting thing about this toner is it clears my zits and small pimples
by regular use, it cannot prevent but it helps to cure them. I found this toner
very useful for me and will continue to buy it.
My Likes with Faces
Hydro Toner

The hydration part is really true.
It is affordable when compared with the quality
and quantity.
Travel and user friendly.
Helps to reduce and cure the pimples.
Have Hyaluronic acid as ingredient.
It is alcohol free.
It is not tested on animals.
Shrinks pore to some extent.
No oiliness and greasiness.
No allergy on my sensitive skin.

There is no Dislikes who dislikes such a wonderful toner <3 <3 <3

My Final Thoughts:
Faces Hydro Toner is an wonderful product which impressed me so much, I am sure it will be good for you girls too. It hydrates and soothes the skin very well and keeps the skin clear.
Hope the Review is helpful…
by Radha…



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