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Organic Harvest Cleansing Milk with Essential Oils Review

Organic Harvest Cleansing Milk with Essential Oils Review
Hello Beauties,
Cleansing milk is an important skin care product to cleanse your skin gently. It is also used for cleansing the makeup. There are lot of cleansing milks available in the market and we recommend to use cleansing milk according to your skin type. Cleansing milk is actually for dry to normal skin people, cleansing gel meant for oily skin people. Organic Harvest has come with an awesome cleansing milk which is made up of essential oils, free of paraben, mineral oil and animal ingredients. Let us see the review in detail...

About the Product:
Herbal skin care products
Organic Harvest Cleansing Milk with Essential Oils Review
Organic Harvest Cleansing Milk with Essential Oils Review
Price 395 RS
Shelf life 2 years 
Availability through online beauty stores

Product Description:
Every drops feeds your skin, This creamy formula deeply cleanse and removes all makeup, dirt and pollution from your skin. A daily essential perfect perfect for cleansing and removing makeup. Essential oils used in this cleansing milk sorts out over dry as well as over oily skin by balancing the secretion of sebum.

Active Ingredients:
Aqua, Panthequat, Lavender, Geranium & Ylang ylang essential oils in cream base.
This product is suitable for all skin types.

My Experience with Organic Harvest Cleansing Milk with Essential Oils:
This Organic Harvest Cleansing Milk with Essential Oils comes in a white plastic sturdy plastic bottle with flip open cap. It is travel and user friendly.

The Texture, Smell and Colour:
The texture is semi milky liquid and it is a milky white cleansing milk. The smell is bit strong, but manageable.

My Take:
I am almost going to finish this product and I feel good about this cleansing milk. Though it is a cleansing milk and my skin is oily acne prone, I never had any breakouts or other skin problems after started using this cleansing milk. I use this product only in the night time cleansing purpose. This is mild and gentle on my sensitive skin, I never feel irritation. But, when I accidentally put this cleansing milk on my eyelids I got irritation.

After cleansing my face I feel clean and soft on my skin. This cleansing milk never dried my skin and doesn't leave greasy or oily. I feel comfortable in using this beauty product because it is free of parabens and mineral oils etc. This Organic Harvest Cleansing Milk cleansing the makeup as well. Those who loves natural products should give a try on this cleansing milk that makes the skin soft and glow.

My Likes with Organic Harvest Cleansing Milk with Essential Oils:
  • It is affordable for the amount provided.
  • It is travel friendly.
  • It is mild and gentle on the sensitive skin.
  • Cleanse the skin well.
  • Leaves the skin soft.
  • Small amount enough.
  • Paraben free.
  • Goodness of essential oils.
My Dislikes with Organic Harvest Cleansing Milk with Essential Oils:
  • The smell is bit strong.
  • Irritates the eyes slightly.
Final Thoughts:
Organic Harvest Cleansing Milk with Essential Oils is a good cleanser for daily use and suitable for all skin type. 

Hope My Review is helpful...
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by Radha



  1. the packaging rads..
    Sound decent product ..Great review darlin...

  2. Nice review on this. It sounds lovely.

  3. Great review dear .... the product looks great !

  4. Looks like a great buy...would sure love to try

  5. Sounds nice to me! :)
    Nicely reviewed :)

  6. I have never tried this brand.. seems ok to try :)


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