My Clothing Shopping Experience with

My Clothing Shopping Experience with
Hello Girls,
I am a dress addict from my school days itself and I use to buy so many dresses than makeup before I start blog. But, after starting the blog my concentration totally turned to makeup and beauty related things. I completely ignored dress shopping and now I realized that I am missing dress shopping so much. This happened when I was in a short break from blogging and completely lost interest in makeup again started purchasing dresses, but from online.I was hesitating to shop cloths in online shopping because of a bad experience with an leading online shopping. They sent me totally a different dress material from which I ordered and I was struggling with them to get the refund, thank God!!! I finally got it. I was surfing for cloth shopping for more than a month. One fine day found that they have great discounts in kurta an kurtis which I liked the most. I love anarkali kurtas very much. I bought four kurthas actually, but I returned two of them because they are not up to my expectation.

Clothing shop online, anarkali kurtha
Cloth shopping online,

The kurtas in the above picture are washed twice and still looks good as new, One is anarkali kurta and another one is A line kurta, both are knee long kurtas. I love knee or calf length kurtas which are comfortable with leggings.


I got them for such a goo price, the anarkali kurta is very beautiful and it has pretty design and print in it. The white kurta also very good and comfortable for daily wear.


My Experience with clothing shopping:
I would say it is goo experience and it was very comfortable. I never shopped with and this was my first purchase with them. Navigating particular product is very easy in when compared with other online shopping websites. They have facilitated the varieties for the customers to access them easily.

When I found two kurtas are not up to my expectation and they are very large in size, I planned to return them. I saw return options in and immediately processed my request, immediately I received a mail and sms regarding my return my pickup that has scheduled. Even the date for return pickup is in our choice. Once the return pickup done I got a mail that my return fund has been initiated and with in two days I got the money on my account. It was very smooth and good experience. It made me to decide hop with them again.

The things I don’t like with are they have extra delivery charge with some brands, so some may like me to hesitate to buy. The collections are bit limited when compare with other online clothing collections. Otherwise I recommend this online shop for cloth shopping especially. We bought a pair of formal shoes for my hubby. That experience also good. is good at:

Returning things without struggling much.
Clothing shopping.
Fashion Jewel shopping.
Deals and Discounts
Good collection of all products.
Great mail follow ups and courier tracking. is not so good at:

Though the discounts and deals are good, but they are not available at all the time like other…

My Final Thought:
I loved totally shopping with, Go and shop something for you with full confidence, it was good experience totally, totally recommended.

Hope my Review is helpful
by Radha
Some more Clothing Shopping experience with Jabong and Myntra also coming soon…


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