Romantaque Hair Minimizing Lotion Review

Romantaque Hair Minimizing Lotion Review
Review by Swatikaa
Hello Friends,
Today I am going to review a super useful product for you girls. Let me tell about the product in detail…About the Product:

Hair removal creams
Romantaque Hair Minimizing Lotion Review

PRICE: Rs. 1500

Romantaque stands for hair destroyer. Inspired from ancient indian language of Ayurveda, I,e Sanskrit ‘Rom’ means hair, and ‘Antak’ means destroyer. ‘Romantaque’ is destroyer of hair. Romantaque is designed for unwanted hair on arms, legs, face (chin, upper lip and side locks), underarms, eyebrows, ear lobes (pinna) and bikini line.

Product Description:
Romantaque in latest version, is powered by latest technology, which is waiting for grant of patent to enhance the speed of the treatment, and to fight the doggedness of hair to grow back. This hair follicle targeted cutting edge technology delivers the actives of Romantaque precisely to the hair follicle making it highly efficient in reducing the hair re growth. Consistency to apply Romantaque for the user, twice a day for 10 days, after each hair removal cycle, would certainly show wonderful results. Romantaque is designed to get absorbed through the orifice of the hair to the hair root( hair follicle) and influence the hair manufacturing factory, without affecting other skin structures. Hence it is very important to apply it on normal intact skin so as to avoid its contact with skin structures which are exposed when the skin has cuts, abrasions, wound and fresh scar.


1. Patch test is necessary to be done by first time users as well as when used on a new body part.
2. For best results, unwanted hair should be removed from the root e.g by waxing, plucking, threading, epilation. Even depilation will do but the effect will take longer to take.
3. Allow any adverse reaction caused by hair removal to subside completely, before applying Romantaque
4. After every hair removal, apply Romantaque for 10 days – twice a day to the normal intact skin.
5. Apply directly onto the skin spreading the lotion evenly to a thin layer. It gets absorbed into the skin like a moisturizer.
6. If necessary, wash the area only after 30 minutes of application.

For best results apply Romantaque lotion after each hair removal session twice a day for 10 days.

My Experience with Romantaque Hair Minimizing Lotion:
Package and Texture:

This lotion comes in a white plastic packaging with a flip flop cap. It is convenient to use and is travel friendly. The lotion is white in color and is on the runny side. The lotion has a pleasant fragrance which doesn’t disturb much. The consistency is on the thinner side. The texture is very lightweight and spreads so easily. It doesn’t feel heavy or greasy.


Now coming to the working part, it actually works!! Yes it did. I applied it on my upper lip area after threading. I applied it only on night for around 11 days and it did work seriously. Usually my hairs grow
back on the third day itself. But this product made it slow. I noticed it only after seven days. Hence I am
damn impressed and happy. Also it dint cause any allergic reactions.

 PROS of Romantaque Hair Minimizing Lotion:
• Does what it claims!
• Easy to use packaging
• Lightweight texture, spread easily
• No greasy feel
• Dint cause any allergic reactions

CONS of Romantaque Hair Minimizing Lotion:
• OH MY GOD! The price!!!!


Not really! The price is on the higher side but if you are in search of something like this you could definitely get this.

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