Iraya Night Nourishing Cream with Spirulina & Arjuna Review

Iraya Night Nourishing Cream with Spirulina & Arjuna Review
Hello Beauties,
After a long break I got some time to write a review. Night creams are becoming a must have product now a days for every girl, that too girls who are above 25 are better to start their night skin care routine with good night creams, Prevention is better than cure!!! Yes? No need to mention the problem of oily skin girls that they will have difficult in choosing their all skin care products which are very suitable for them. I am into this category and really have problem with creams hat cause breakouts. So, what do you think? this cream suited me? Let us see it in the review…About the Product:

Night creams for oily skin
Iraya Night Nourishing Cream with Spirulina & Arjuna Review

Iraya Night Nourishing Cream with Spirulina & Arjuna
Price 695 RS for 50 gms
Shelf life 2 years
Available at online beauty shops…

Product Description:
A natural emulsion base with aqueous extracts of spirulina that provides essential nutrients can keep skin healthy and radiant. The Arjuna extracts act as a  rejuvenating tonic. Grape seed oil has excellent emollient and moisture locking properties, keeping skin supple and smooth. this formulation is a powerful nutrifying blend that intensely replenishes and replenishes when the skin is at its most receptive.

Key Ingredients: Spirulina, Arjuna and Nagarmotha
All Ingredients:s
Aqua, Spirulina Extract, terminalla Arjuna, Nagarmotha extracts, Cyperus Scarjosus, Turmeric Extracts, Curcuma Longa, Vegetable Glycerin, Cetyl Alcohol, Glyceryl fatty acids esters, Grape seed oil, Seasame stearic acid, Cocoa butter, Almond oil, Jojoba oil, Sodium Benzoate, Pottasium hydroxide, fragrance.

My Experience with Iraya Night Nourishing Cream with Spirulina & Arjuna:

This cream comes in a cute glass jar with a silver lid, it is travel friendly, but not user friendly because it is not tube packaging and it is a glass jar package.

The Smell, Colour and Texture:

This Iraya Night Nourishing Cream has good smell and the colour of this cream reflects its main ingredient of spirulina green, yes it is a pale green colour cream. The texture seems heavy but blends on the skin very easily and it is very light weight cream.

My Take:
I was very excited to use this cream, because it is the first product for me from Iraya. As a night cream I was in slight hesitation to start use this one, but some how I managed to tackle my hesitation with my excitation about using this cream. I am using this cream almost for 2 months. I have heard a lot about Spirulina on skin care, that too in matured skin care Sprulina plays major role to bring the light on dull face. Obviously I am 29+ so my face is often tend to get dull and dark. This cream is very light weight one and easily gets absorbed on my oily skin. There will no oiliness after applying this cream, also this cream completely absorbed on the skin, so there will no greasiness problem even after few hours.


In the morning my skin looks so fresh and soft. I love this effect on my skin which is all oily skin people will love. Also this cream helps to improve skin texture by regular usage. Over all I liked this night cream and this night cream will be very useful for those who have dull and oily skin. This night cream will be best suitable for oily to combination skin people. Dry skin beauties need to check their other range of night creams.

My Likes with Iraya Night Nourishing Cream with Spirulina & Arjuna:

Good smell
Light texture
Natural ingredients
Spirulina which is good for skin
Very suitable for oily to combination skin
Hydrates the skin well
Makes the skin soft and fresh
Easily absorbed by the skin
Working good as a night cream.

My Dislikes with Iraya Night Nourishing Cream with Spirulina & Arjuna:

Bit pricey
Not suitable for dry skin.
Glass jar.

Final Verdict:
Iraya Night Nourishing Cream with Spirulina & Arjuna is a good night cream for oily to combination skin girls. It is good that has natural ingredients. Do give a try girls…
Hope my Review is helpful for you all,
Please share your thoughts on this…
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