Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation SPF 8 Review, Swatches and FOTD

Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation SPF 8 Review, Swatches and FOTD
Review by Neha Satija
Hello girls,
After my reviews on Maybelline color tattoo and Elle 18 lipstick I am back with a review of foundation, that is from the oldest cosmetics company in India from my knowledge,yeah it is by lakme, now I know the foundation that I am going to review has launched before my birth and chances is most of you girls have used it, I am still reviewing it because it is budget friendly and I have not heard a buzz about this product… Let us see the review in detail…About the Product:

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Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation SPF 8 Review, Swatches and FOTD

Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation SPF 8 in shade 02
Price:Rs 225 
Quantity:25 ml
Shelf life:24 months
Available easily in offline beauty stores as well as online

Product Description:
Lakme’s claim:
Invisible finish foundation offers perfect blending and full coverage for a flawless almost invisible finish

Directions for use:
shake well before use twist cap to open

Ingredients: ???

My Experience with  Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation SPF 8:

It comes with a glass jar which is not prone to breakage and it has a spatula attached with the cap(do I need to explain the packaging more you all most have seen it in most of the cosmetics stores)

My take on this Product:
Let me start by saying it is my favourite foundation, yes it is the best among the one I have tried, though it does not completely lives up to it’s claim. The foundation does not offers full coverage and perfect blending. The coverage is up to medium, if you layer it up you cannot build up the coverage, but for me it is perfect as I just want a foundation with light coverage. It should not feel heavy on the skin, comfortable, affordable and no tacky feeling after setting it with powder, also I want something to control the amount of the foundation while taking like we have tube form packaging in our BB creams.


The finish is between dewy and matte,this shade is a perfect match for me, it is a yellow based foundation and it will suit most of the Indian skin tone, there are 6 shades available in this range which is better then having 4 shades which most of the Lakme foundation have, even the expensive one I am particularly taking about the Lakme absolute foundation.

Next comes the blending of this foundation, it is not easily blendable but not difficult either, what I do is give it a good shake, wipe off the spatula directly on my face and then blend it with my elf powder brush (review will be coming soon) then I rub my hands together and place it on my face, what that does it locks your foundation into your skin and help it oxidize better, but this foundation does not oxidize or may be I don’t know because it is the perfect match for me.

The Swatch:


Availability is not an issue,you can get this product even at a super market (what else you can ask for in  terms of availability) in terms of staying power it does keep my face fresh up to 4-5 hours after that touch  ups is required at least for me,as I have oily skin,but if you have normal to combination skin you can swirl
your kabuki brush in the compact powder (note that I am referring to a compact powder as it gives a more
demure diffused and natural look to the skin as compared to the loose powders) and apply it only at your t-zone or no touch up’s at all,oh and it is not sweat resistant,and it transfers to everything it comes in contact with like your mobile phone your shirt collar (if you have a habit of applying foundation to your neck area as well) and even your hand key if you wipe off your face. My skin is Oily type, this foundation stays on my skin for good time with compact powder.

coming to the pros and cons…

My Likes with 
Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation SPF 8:
1. Easily available
2. Affordable
3. Six shades available targeting Indian skin tones
4. Blending is not a cumbersome task
5. Packaging is practical
6. Spatula is useful,controls the amount you need
7. Finish is not dewy which I like
8. Does not contain silicons as the foundation with silicons blends like dream
9. Water based formula
10. Provides medium coverage with a finish that is not noticeable
11. Smells exactly like Lakme’s sunscreen
12. Light texture

My Dislikes with 
Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation SPF 8:
1. Does not provide full coverage as it claims
2. Transferable.
3. As it is water based you need to give it a good shake, before using it.
4. Fragrance might be bothersome for some people but it fades away after half an hour or so…
5. May not suitable for oily skin.

My Ratings 4/5

My Final Thoughts on this Product:
do I recommend it: yes, to everyone who is looking for a invisible finish foundation will i repurchase, well I use foundations only for parties but once this gets over I will repurchase as I am sure that no other foundation can be as good as this for an affordable price.

Hope My Review is useful for you all…
Please so share your thoughts…
by Neha Satija


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