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Elle 18 Color Pops Pinken shade Review and Swatches

Elle 18 Color Pops Pinken shade Review and Swatches
Review by Neha
Hello lovely ladies,
Shall I say hello or as bhaua says “ladhiesh” on radio 93.5 red FM, okay so no jokes cracking let us get in to the business, today's post will be on a lipstick from a brand that is owned by many girls specially teenagers,because of its reasonable price, I would not play a quiz about which brand I am talking because you girls have already got the name of the brand by the title let me start off by saying I own many elle 18 lipstick by now,reviews of them will be coming up,elle 18 have a wide color selection,surely their is something for everyone. Let us see the Review in detail...

About the Product:
Affordable pink lipsticks
Elle 18 Color Pops Pinken shade Review and Swatches
Elle 18 Color Pops
Price and Quantity: Rs 100 for 4.3 ml (pretty affordable right? and quantity is as much as a standard lipstick,yeah)
Shelf life:30 months
Available in all beauty stores easily, also in online stores

If you are new to this lipstick then let me write them down for you,cocoa butter,yes only cocoa butter is mentioned on the pack(yeah it started and it finished)

My Experience with Elle 18 Color Pops Pinken shade:
Elle 18 Color Pops comes in a pretty black lipstick package, the packaging is bit flimsy and the cap is getting looser day by day. It is travel friendly.

My Take and about the Shade:

The shade I have is pinken which is a nice onion pink shade, this shade suits me a lot and I can see it working for many skin tones, this particular shade has no shimmers in it, this shade makes me look beautiful from outside and cheerful from inside the pigmentation is not too good, if you know what I mean by that, it is not highly pigmented but it is okay to cover the lips, you can totally build up the layers of it to make it opaque finish, you can say it is a cross between a lipstick and a tinted lip balm, opacity is much more than a tinted lip balm,but it is as moisturising as a tinted lip balm

Swatch time:

Staying power is average, it is the only department where it disappoints me but again it is okay, you can reapply it whenever you want oh and also it fades out evenly, it leaves a beautiful pink tint after having meals also the taste is a bit bitter and yes I have licked it ;). In my opinion this shade is very versatile,you can use it on your cheeks to provide extra glow(though it is not recommended to use lipsticks as a cream blush), this shade is not at all loud nor it is a MLBB shade you can wear it to your office or school even if you know how to sheer it out,this gives a glossy look to the lips as you can see in the lotd

My Likes with Elle 18 Color Pops Pinken shade:
1. It is very moisturising
2. It is easily available
3. It has good pigmentation, you can build up.
4. Nice array of colors to choose from
5. Wearabe shade
6. Cheap comparing to other lipsticks in the market(oh and cheap in terms of price not quality), anybody can afford it and fulfill the dreams of wide selection of colors in her vanity;)
7. Sturdy packaging
8. Cocoa butter is supposed to be good for your lips
9. Versatile shade,you can even wear it to a party and it will not look low profile
10. Gives the look of a gloss so no need to top it off with a gloss
11. I personally think that the packaging is cute,it reminds me of mac lipsticks;)
12. No lip brush is needed to apply it,just straight from the tube and and you will not be worried that you got to much on your lips

My Dislikes with Elle 18 Color Pops Pinken shade:
1. It will only disappoint you in terms of staying power
2. No ingredients list provided so will not be knowing what are you putting on your lips or what is going inside your stomach if you have a habit of licking lips
3. Flimsy packaging
4. Strong cocoa butter scent

My Rating 4/5

Final Verdict-
I recommend this product to all the pink lovers also to those who want a break from their typical pink. I will repurchase the shade is nice I might buy it because of the pretty shade. I will recommend it to all beauties, You all are very precious to me and I want you to look hot with this lipstick on;), I highly recommend this shade though it is not matte but matte lipstick dry out lips, (though they stay for longer period of time) at least they dry out mine and if you top it off with a gloss then it will alter the staying power:( until next time bye pretty ladies,and do check out this shade when you are planning to buy a Elle 18 lipstick

Hope you like my Review and find useful...
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With Love Neha...