Revlon PhotoReady Make up Foundation Review, Swatches and FOTD

Revlon PhotoReady Make up Foundation Review, Swatches and
Review By Bawaria
Hello Girls,
I was looking for a perfect foundation for my skin because
my skin is very sensitive and it tends to break out very easily. I have
combination to oily skin and my T Zone gets very oily, specially the sides of
my nose. I have been hearing a lot about this foundation so I thought why not
try it? My complexion is dusky so I got this in the shade caramel … I came home
and apply the foundation and found it a little dark on me so I went back and
got another shade which is medium beige.. Now I mix these two colors and it
works perfect for me. Enough about me, now about the product review…
About the Product:
Best foundation for oily skin
Revlon PhotoReady Make up Foundation Review, Swatches and FOTD
Revlon PhotoReady Make up Foundation
Price 800rs-950rs for 30 ml.
I got caramel for 800 and medium beige for 950…I guess 950
is the price now..
Shelf life???
Available at Revlon Outlets and buy online at Indian Beauty
and International online shopping
Available Shades:-
Well there are only four shades to choose from in India:-
Shell – for very fair skin complexion.
Nude – for fair to medium skin complexion.
Medium beige- for medium complexion.
Caramel- for dark complexion.
I wish they had more shade options, as I said earlier I have
to mix two colors to make my perfect shade…

 Product Description:
My Experience with Revlon PhotoReady Make up Foundation:
Product packaging:
The packaging is really cool, it comes in a bottle of 30ml
with a pump on it which makes it very convenient to take the product out.
For me the coverage is medium to full.. It covers my spots
although I don’t have much .Still needs a little concealing under the eyes but
its ok . It gives a satiny finish to my skin leaving it healthy looking. It
glides very smoothly and with primer it works wonders. It has tiny sparkling
particles because of its sun protection property which is visible in light but
I don’t mind it.
My take on the product:-
What I like about the product:
• It gives very good coverage, you hardly need any concealer
unless u have very dark spots.
• It has SPF20 which is good because u don’t need to apply
any extra sun protection cream.
• It lasts for 4 to 5 hours and if applied with a primer it
can stay on up to 6 to 7 hours. I use this in winters, the longest I wore this was
10 hours and I was amazed that it was still intact I just needed to apply a
compact for once in the mean while and viola fresh as before…
• Doesn’t break out your skin. You can trust this foundation
if you have sensitive skin like me.
• Makes your skin look very smooth and healthy without
making it greasy.
• You don’t feel that you are wearing any heavy makeup base,
makes your skin feel fresh..
• It doesn’t have any smell..
• Blends effortlessly.
• Water proof so doesn’t come off with a splash of water
unless ofcourse if you scrape it off with your fingers…


What I don’t like:
Well I can’t think of any flaws…Just wish there were more
shade options. And I don’t recommend this for very hot and humid weather
specially if you have oily skin. I would rather suggest use a primer beneath so
it will stay on for 3-4 hours in summers..
My Final Verdict :
What can I say, i love this foundation. I would definitely
buy this one again .This is by far the most suitable foundation for me. Makes a
very good makeup base to work with. I would recommend this to all the ladies
who want medium to full coverage makeup base yet does not want it to look too
made up…
About The Writer:
My name is Sweety Bawaria, I am from Kolkata (West Bengal). Its really hot and humid here. I am a homemaker. My skin colour is medium to dusky  with combination to oily skin. My natural hair color is black which i have colored into dark brown now. I just love cosmetics and makeup. I think every one is beautiful in their own way and art of makeup is a very nice and effective way to enhance your beauty (outer beauty ofcourse)…. And I think feeling beautiful helps you look ladies!!! Feel beautiful and there you are, looking beautiful and confident.
I am very thankful to Radha Krishnakumar that she has decided to publish my review….Thanks Radha!!!!
Do let me know ladies if you like my review…
Hope this review was helpful.


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