Montagne Jennesse Apricot Scrub Review – Deep Exfoliating & Ultra Cleansing

Montagne Jennesse Apricot Scrub Review – Deep Exfoliating
& Ultra Cleansing
Hello Beauties,
Scrub!!! A must have product for oily skin and guess what I
have to scrub my oily skin weekly once, but, I won’t. It is because my skin is
so sensitive and scrubbing cause allergy and redness always. So, I never use
any scrubs often on my skin. It is like a curse that having oily acne prone
skin with sensitive problem, it is very hard to maintain such a skin type. My
face rarely looks without pimples. Ok, I am stopping here about my own sad
story. Let us see how this scrub reacted on my skin….
About the Product:

Scrubs for exfoliating your skin
Montagne Jennesse Apricot Scrub Review – Deep Exfoliating & Ultra Cleansing

Montagne Jennesse Apricot Scrub

Price 150 Rs
Available in online beauty stores like flipkart, Jabong etc

Product Description:
Exfoliate with our Apricot Scrub as part of your beauty regime for a radiant, glowing complexion. Bursting with sweet mango this rich facial scrub deep cleanses & revitalises. Crushed Apricot Kernels removes dead skin cells whilst Aloe Vera softens & soothes leaving skin super soft. Tired, dull looking skin will be radically transformed to smooth, bright looking healthier skin. Suitable For Vegans Gluten Free Dairy Free No Added Parabens


My Experience with Montagne Jennesse Apricot Scrub:

It is one time use packet package and travel friendly.

Colour, Smell & Texture:
The Montagne Jennesse Apricot Scrub looks half white in
colour and smells nice. The texture is thick creamy and have apricot granules
in it.
My Take:
Well, obviously I was afraid of using this scrub on my face.
But, by my mind force I tried it. When I apply the scrub on my face and started
massage I felt it is little harsh on my skin. But, I couldn’t give away the try
in the middle. So, I did apply it on the whole face and massaged very gently.
As per the instruction I did wash it off after 10 minutes.


Scrubs for exfoliating skin

Guess what!!! Yeah, I saw redness on my nose and cheeks. I
feel like crying, I did the sin to my skin even though I know the truth. I know
Apricot scrub never works for my sensitive skin. Thanks God the redness gone
after I applied chilled rose water and later I saw some skin peels on my cheeks
nearby nose area. This happens for me almost with every scrub, so I won’t blame
this scrub much. But there is a conclusion that this scrub is not for sensitive

Well I can sum up likes and dislikes for this product as I
had allergy with this scrub
Final Thoughts:
Montagne Jennesse Apricot Scrub – Deep Exfoliating &
Ultra Cleansing may be a good scrub for all skin type but if you have sensitive
skin better avoid it, the apricot granules are bit harsh for sensitive skin. I hope this scrub will be suitable for normal skin type.
Hope My Review is helpful…
Thanks for Reading…
With Love Radha…



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