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MAC Lipstick Up The Amp Review, Swatches, LOTD and FOTD

MAC Lipstick Up The Amp Review, Swatches, LOTD and FOTD
Review by Kanika
Hello everyone! I hope you all doing great!
So, today I’m going to review and share the swatches, LOTDs and POTDs of MAC lipstick in the shade called ‘UP THE AMP’ with all the pretty ladies like you. This is my first MAC product that I’m going to talk about. Yeah! Its little weird, but this one is too expensive. Well! As far as lip shades are concerned, I’ve always liked to apply the pinks, reds and very nude shades on my lips. But this particular shade is really plump and a very pretty purple.  The fact which I liked about it was, it keeps my lips moisturized throughout.  Let’s go ahead for the review.

About the Product:
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MAC Lipstick Up The Amp Review, Swatches, LOTD and FOTD
MAC Lipstick Up The Amp
Price 990 RS for 3 gm and now the price hiked as 1100 RS
Available in MAC stores and you can buy online MAC Store
As far as this shade is concerned, I bought this long time back and the price was little low as it is now.

It is a lip shade from the popular and famous brand MAC and we all know how amazing the products are. The shade is creamy purple one with some pinkish tint in it. It’s a pretty shade that will go on very well at every occasion and with every color outfit, especially white, light pink, etc.

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The packaging has been kept very simple yet elegant. The packaging is done in such a manner to reflect the image of elite class pretty ladies. It has been kept inside a regular lipstick with the logo of MAC at front. Also it has the regular twisted bottom to keep it handy and easy to use. On the bottom part, you’ll be able to see the product code.

Here are the swatches, LOTDs and POTDs of the product.

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PROS of MAC Lipstick Up The Amp:
• Creamy texture.
• Gives a smooth and sleek finish to your lips.
• Keeps your lips moisturized.
• Last for long.
• Not much product is needed at a time.
• Goes on well with every color and outfit.
• Perfect for elite class women and working women as well.

CONS MAC Lipstick Up The Amp Review:
• Price baby, it speaks a lot.

I would say that yes, the price is very high but at the same time, the product won’t disappoint you. It really works great and girl, you’re worth it. You will surely love it and it has many other pretty shades to choose from. I loved the experience as this is my first MAC product review.
Do share your views on this product in the comment section below. Have you tried this product? If yes, then which shade you tried and what’s your take on it? If not, will you give it a try?
As always thank you so much for taking out time and reading my blog post. I hope you liked it.

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Editor’s Note and Dupe alert:
There is an exact dupe for this MAC Lipstick Up The Amp shade, that is Loreal Caresse “Rock ‘n Mauve” shade. Read the Review HERE