DIY Lipstick Holder Step by Step Tutorial

DIY Lipstick Holder Step by Step Tutorial
Hello Beauties,
Girls, it is very important us to organize our makeup
products, otherwise we will end up wearing the same products. This happens with
me ever y time, as a busy homemaker and blogger I don’t concentrate in my
makeup thinks regularly. So, I end up using the same shade of lipstick and
foundation every time when I am in hurry to get ready. Believe me I never spend
much time in makeup and the reality is I can’t spend time actually. So, I just
apply a BB cream mostly for base makeup and sometimes foundation for occasions
and then I apply a kajal, lipstick.
DIY makeup storage
DIY Lipstick Holder Step by Step Tutorial
Mostly we use same shade foundation, so it is not much
difficult to find our foundation or BB cream in a crowd. But, when it comes to
lipstick there are hell a lot of shades to choose. If our lipsticks are not
organized by shades, we will end up using the repeated boring shades and the
beautiful awesome shades will be lying under the lipstick crowd and later will
get expired. Well this happened with me in some lipsticks. I have decided to
organize my lipsticks which cannot become mess again.

Here we go to DIY Lipstick Holder Step by Step Tutorial:
Materials we will need to do this DIY Lipstick holder:
     A thick cardboard box (Size may differs up to your
lipsticks count)
     A scissor
     Fevi stick
     Soap boxes (Small or big)
How to do?
When I have decided to make a DIY lipstick holder the small
cute soap boxes in my hubby’s stash attracted me to use them. He has lot of
these soaps and what I did is, I took out all the soaps from the box and
collect the soap boxes for my invention. Well I have small collections of
lipsticks only, so I took a small length black urban touch cat board box. I
made small changes in the soap boxes by cutting the top edges. Then I applied
the fevi stick on the cardboard box and placed the modified soap boxes on it.
Now I left the soap boxes to stick with the cardboard box well. After that I
placed the lipsticks in a reverse position, I mean the shade name on the top.
So that we can choose the lipstick shade accordingly our choice when we are in
hurry. This is the easiest and cheapest best method to organize your lipsticks.
Step 1:
Modify the soap box.
Step 2:
Apply Fevi stick on the cat board box and place the soap box
on it. Leave it for some time to stick well.
Step 3:


Hurray!!! Now the lipstick holder ready to use, place your
beautiful lipstick in upside down position to make the shade name visible for
you to choose when you are in hurry. You can place 3 to 4 lipsticks inside the
soap boxes. You can place only neutral shades in a row and red shades in a row
(pink, plum, mauve etc).
Hope you all liked the DIY Lipstick Holder Step by Step
Please do try and share your feedbacks with me…
With Love Radha…


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