Floral Outfit and Makeup-Spring Fairy OOTD

Floral Outfit and Makeup-Spring Fairy OOTD
Hi Girls,
A big hello to all beautiful
indianbeautyzone.com readers. I am Charu Sharma and I blog at myglossyaffair.com. My darling
dearest friend, Radha, gave me this wonderful opportunity and asked me to do a
guest post here on her sweet blog. I am so delighted and equally excited to do
this post J.


Radha, I know this amazing girl, from the
days of mynoblesecrets.blogspot.in, that I visited almost daily and loved
reading that too. Even now, I love indianbeautyzone.com. Radha has evolved much
as a writer and a versatile blogger and most importantly as a great human
being, a helper, a savior always. Now, that she owns 2 blogs, I wish her lots
of luck and love. Kudos to her!!

Now, we all love flowers, right!! So innocent
and pure and beautiful these are, that I found them perfect for doing something
special for Radha. Hence, I decided to do this floral look with white flowers
and Ritcha, my little darling sister helped me out as always in achieving what
I intended to. You are gorgeous, girl and those flowers make you prettier and I
am not buttering 😉 Love ya!!



For those, who don’t know, Ritcha, my
sister, is my model J and the
girl who is there in almost all outfit posts and makeup looks on my blog and I
become her photographer for those times J

Here, in this look, we have used fresh
white flowers as her hair accessory, hair parting done, hair rolled and pinned
with flowers and a simple white stole wrapped on the shoulders to have that
pure white effect.




used to create this look –

Lauder Camouflage Makeup Foundation
Select Coverup concealer
Elle 18
Glow Compact
Gel Liner
Eye Liner in Flirty Turq
MAC Matt
Lipstick Sultry Pink

And most importantly
FRESH WHITE FLOWERS J in the hair and some colored ones in the background!!
For those who might be wondering –
from where these beautiful flowers came,
let me tell you I am not into harming plants and animals at all. We haven’t
plucked flowers 😉


Hope you all enjoyed the Floral Outfit and Makeup-Spring Fairy OOTD Pictures…
Please share your comments…
With Love Charu & Ritcha…