Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Votre Refining Toner Review: Firming For Open Pores

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Finally got some time to review this toner which I finished up few months back. This toner which I loved a lot and missed to repurchase it for some other reasons. I have used Votre eye cream and loved it very much and reviewed it already. I wanted to give a try on this Votre Refining Toner Review: Firming For Open Pores. Let's see the Review...

About The Product:
Best toners for skin pores reduction
Votre Refining Toner Review: Firming For Open Pores 
Votre Refining Toner Review: Firming For Open Pores 
Price 180 Rs for 50 ml
Available through online beauty stores

Product Description:
Votre Refining Toner Review: Firming For Open Pores is a refreshing alcohol free toner fives your skin fresh and clean feel. Amped up with rich anti-oxidants; the toner tighten the skin pore and reduce pore size, tones the skin without drying it out. Regular use assures taut and plump skin.
Follow 3 steps skin care routine:
Cleanse-Tone-Moisturize with VOTRE products for baby soft skin.

Aloe Vera, Malaleuca alternifolia, Honey, Allontoin, Vitis Vinifera

My Experience with Votre Refining Toner:
Votre Refining Toner comes in a cute small sturdy plastic bottle with flip open cap, the packaging has screw open lid where you can easily open and pour the toner, but it is not necessary. It is travel friendly.

Texture, Colour & Smell:
Votre Refining Toner is pure water like texture with mild pleasant fragrance. This toner looks pale blue in colour, but I couldn't catch the exact colour in the picture.

My Take:
I loved this toner really very much. This toner worked well for my oily acne prone skin. This toner takes the impurities from the skin very well and immediately gives a bright complexion. I am really missing this toner. Surely will purchase this next time soon. This toner finishes off quickly then other toners which I have used previously. That is the only con for me about this toner and also availability.

As an oily girl I am forced to use toners but at the same time I have sensitive skin, so all toners won't suits me. Mostly I ended up with breakouts because of toners. Luckily this toner has worked for my sensitive oily acne prone skin.

This toner works well on my open pores then other toners. I have bit large pores near by my nose area. Those open pores seems firmed and small when I was using this toner. I was really impressed by the results. I never felt any oily feel after applying the toner and it keeps the face fresh.

My likes with Votre Refining Toner:
  • This toner works on the large pores well when compared with other toners.
  • It is travel friendly.
  • It is easily absorbed on the skin.
  • There is no oily or greasy feel.
  • It cleanse the impurities well.
  • The toner makes face bright and fresh.
  • It is suitable for all skin types.
My Dislikes with Votre Refining Toner:
  • Availability.
  • 50 ml 180 Rs is a bit costlier.
  • Not suitable for dry skin.
Final Verdict:
Votre Refining Toner is a very good toner which suited for my skin type. I will buy this again soon and don't care about the price. It is completely worth for the price, when compared it with the results. This will suits normal, oily and combination skin and I don't recommend this toner to very dry skin girls.

Hope my Review is helpful for you all... 
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