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Recently I got an offer in the form of gift coupon from one of the affiliate of to review their site. I should say the choices were abundant and the purchase was a breeze. Having and catering through ecommerce site is a big challenge with so many leading sites in this domain, one needs to be quite unique to standout and get noticed by the customer, the uniqueness of is we can directly shop things from US and get it delivered to our home without much worrying about the hassles of Customs and other stuff that are involved in International shipping.


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Shop US Brands Easily from

BHEJO  [bhay-jo] Hindi verb send to someone; to deliver a package.
Bhejo, LLC. is a registered corporation in the United States. Like our name suggests, we specialize in procuring products from the U.S. and delivering them directly to consumers based in India. We offer customers in India a simple and efficient way to purchase products not normally available in India. We are committed to serving you with the best prices and fastest delivery possible.

We partner with various fulfillment services providers and resellers in India and the U.S. to procure genuine products at the best prices and deliver them to you as fast as possible. In some cases we may deal directly with suppliers in other cases we will purchase from qualified retailers.  In most cases unless specified in the listing, we have not partnered with or maintain a direct relationship to the brands mentioned.

Our customer service center is located in Mumbai, India and are available at the above times to handle your queries. 

My Experience with website:

Where ibhejo differs from two of the worldwide leading ecommerce sites – Amazon and eBay who also have their sites catering to Indian customer locally is you don’t have to buy things like American made designer watches and consumer electrical products like mobile phones from their US sites and get it delivered to India which will involve international shipping charges and customs fees which are all calculated and paid at the time of placing the order .

One will never be happy to see the exorbitant amount that are involved and in worst case the item may even get stuck in Customs and will never get clearance and reach our hand, but with ibhejo you can be confident that the amount they are charging are quite nominal compared to other sites and importantly we don’t have to worry about the product not getting clearance from Customs or getting charged additional amount from what we have already paid for Customs clearance.

The great thing about is that you can buy stuff that are not meant for Indian market, to give you an example the very famous Google Nexus 7 2nd generation Tablet from Google is not yet launched officially by Google in India, this is where ibhejo comes in to play, you can find same Nexus tablet in and place the order and get the product delivered in maximum of 10 days’ time, now this is what called true International purchase as you are getting hold of a great product which is not even released in India by paying nominal additional amount for shipping and Customs fee.

This is just one example, iBhejo has exhaustive array of categories and products under them, I made a purchase for my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Flip cover and it reached safely my hands within 10 days of placing the order without any hassles, the product is made by Samsung and the quality is superb and I’m enjoying my 1 year old phone as the new one. So friends if you are planning to buy anything from US, don’t look beyond and you will definitely find what you want there and even if you don’t find it they have a separate section where you can request iBhejo for particular product from US and they will help you
in getting the same.

They have awesome collections of beauty and cosmetics products too, which we alway hankering for. Do check and enjoy your custom and tension free US brands shopping.

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