Five Foods For Weight Loss

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Weight loss, it is a big concern for us, this problem starts from teenage mostly and never ends. I have gained lot of weight when I was pregnant. I was 58kg before getting pregnant and gained upto 80kg weight in the end of delivery. Think about my position and body size from 58kg to 80kg. It was like nightmare for me, when I was thinking to lose weight. But, still I tried and reduced weight from 80kg to 65kg. I didn’t do any hard exercise or severe starving diets.Ok I will stop my weight loss history and coming to the post topic…

Five Foods For Weight Loss:
1. Oats
2. Horse gram dhal
3. Red rice
4. Barley
5. Wheat

1. Oats:

Weight loss foods
Five Foods For Weight Loss

This is well known food and very famous among weight loss interested people. But, still some people complaining they are not losing weight though they are taking oats as their food. Oats is a less calorie and filling food, but the matter is how we are using it. If you are really want to loss weight, you need to regularize the intake of oats. If you take oats with milk and sugar, naturally you will gain more weight. Oats food will be very effective when you take it with buttermilk. I will be sharing more recipes in future. Oats is really helpful and filling food.

It will Keeps your stomach filling.
Good for heart.
Really helps in weight loss.
Can be take as daily food.
It has Vitamin ‘B’ and zero in cholesterol.

2. Horse Gram dhal:

This is very famous for weight reducing purpose in south India, also my Mom use to prepare this horse gram dhal water for us to treat our cold. In our place there is one proverb, I will translate it in English here “Weak person should take Sesame seeds, Stout person should take horse gram dhal”. Yeah, this horse gram dhal will flush out the unwanted fluid content from our body which is unwanted and makes us uglier. This is easily available and affordable food.

Reduces our weight effectively.
Cures cold symptoms.
Rich in Vitamin ‘B’ and Protein.
Can not be taken by pregnant ladies.
Can be eaten as sprouted form too.

3. Red Rice:

This is a Red colour rice variety, generally available at Kerala (but available at all places). Those who don’t want to miss rice in their diet during their dieting period, this red rice can be used instead of white rice. White rice is rich in carbohydrates which in turn saved as cholesterol in our digestive System(I am a Bio-chemistry student). But, this red rice will take more time to cook than the white rice. It is bigger than the white rice in size and differs in taste too. This is rich in all Vitamin B complex and very less in carbohydrates.

You can substitute it for your rice diet.
Zero cholesterol and rich in Vitamin B.

4. Barley:

Foods for weight loss

This barley is like Horsegram dhal, but it is white and soft. This also helps us to flush the bad fluids content from our body and keeps us fit. This barley water food usually taken by pregnant ladies, when they suffer from swelling of legs during the 7th month. This can be taken as sprouted form too. This is fully nutritious and good for skin too.

Rich in Antioxidant
Rich in Vitamin “A” , “B” and “C”
Have read somewhere that regular intake of this would stops hair fall.

5. Wheat:

This is a common and well known food for all of us. Those who are in diet will take Chappati regularly, which is made from wheat. We can prepare more Recipes from wheat, I am planning to share them in the upcoming post with Beauty reviews. You can use this wheat and prepare so many variety of recipes which won’t let you to starve ever.

Rich in Carbohydrates.
Rich in Vitamin ‘B’ and other vitamins.
Easily available.
You can prepare so many varieties.

I did follow this kind of diet and lost weight effectively. I have totally stopped sugar intake and added Jaggery instead of sugar. Whatever walking and exercise or workouts you do, the weight loss is fully in your diet’s hand. Doing workouts and eating junk foods or irregular diet or occasional dieting never works for your weight loss ambition. We should coordinate workouts and diet regularly. I did walking and simple workouts when I was dieting.
There are some vegetables and fruits which is really helpful for you for weight loss. I will share them in the upcoming posts with Beauty review posts.
Hope you will find this post helpful…
Thanks and kindly share your thoughts…
With Love Radha…


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