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Elle 18 Colour pop Eyeliner Shade Green Review, Swatches and EOTD

Elle 18 Colour pop Eyeliner Shade Green Review
Review By Swati
Hi Everybody,
A big hello to all the gorgeous girls over here. I hope you remember me :P Even if you don’t am here to remind you with all my silly scuttlebutt chit chats :P So please bear with me :D And today am going to review one of the latest launch by the affordable brand Elle 18 who’s been a pocket money guard for many,especially for students *atleast me*. And it was even more exciting when Rads sent me these for the review. SO now I’ll stop ,my rants and go ahead with Elle 18 Color Pop eyeliner- GREEN.

About The Product:
Best and affordable eye liners
Elle 18 Colour pop Eyeliner Shade Green Review, Swatches and EOTD
Elle 18 Colour pop Eyeliner Shade Green Review, Swatches and EOTD
PRICE: Rs.75
Shelf life 24 months

Four new exciting shades have been added to the Colour Pop range to ensure that you never face a dull day in college. Brighten your eyes with these magnificent tones and wink your way to an A on your next assignment.
Shades Available: Green, Brown, Grey and Blue


First of all talking about the packaging, it looks pretty. It comes in the typical cylindrical Elle 18 liner packaging. As it is made up of glass it doesn't look cheap. But still I wish the eyeliner packaging was a bit different from the nail polish packaging. If you wonder why, both looks like identical clones( I study medicine , you see :P ) SO chances are there that we get confused. Still don’t believe me? It actually happened.  My ignorant roommate ( Sanju am sorry :P, don’t kill me)  opened the eyeliner bottle and winking her eyes she asked me, “ How come nail polish brushes are this thin? :P

The brush is decently fine. It is easy to draw thin lines and flicks too with any effort. Of course you can draw thick lines too. The bristles are not so stiff.


It says GREEN. But I find it more of a greyish green since it is loaded with tiny tiny silver shimmers. Thank god , the shimmers are not chunky. Hence making it more wearable.Now this is not a perfect green so you can even wear it everyday. Still the color looks pretty on eyes, especially when paired with emerald green/ bronze eye shadow. This is one color that you can wear as It is. I usually put on a neutral eyeshadow, draw a thick line of black kohl, smudge it and then wear a medium thin line of this liner. This way it looks more pretty.

And the texture is neither  thick nor runny, just perfect for a liquid liner. The texture is actually smooth so there is no need of tugging or pulling on the eyes. But this is definitely not suitable for the lower lash line.


Ya ya, now comes the pigmentation. Though being a liquid liner it is actually moderately pigmented. But no problem, a second coat does an entire change. It is water resistant and not waterproof. It doesn’t come off during contact with water but does not survive though. So removing it isn’t a problem.

The staying power is really good. It does survive for a long time, which I never expected. Just a single coat stays put till evening. And double coat stays on forever, until rubbed. Sometimes double coat tends to crack. So it’s better to allow the first line to dry completely and then follow it up with the second line.

·         Easy on the pocket
·         Available easily
·         Applicator is fine and so makes application easy
·         Decent packaging
·         Pretty wearable shade
·         Shimmers are not chunky
·         Smooth texture
·         Water resistant , hence easy to remove
·         Staying power is really good

·         Moderate pigmentation, hence second coat has to applied to build up intensity

ELLE 18 color pop liners are really good with almost everything. They are packed properly with a fine precise applicator, smooth texture, pretty shades, easy on the pocket, and really superb staying power despite being moderately pigmented. But this is definitely not a con for the price. GO GRAB GIRLS, these could be our best friends *atleast for our pockets* :D

About The Writer:
Name         - Swatikaa Reddy
Skin Type   - Fair to Medium, Normal to Combination and T-Zone oily
Hair  Type   -Black colour and Wavy, dry hair.
Hi this is Chinky from Chennai, student of MBBS, a chatter box, Passionate towards painting, I like to play with colours which brought my way into the makeup world. I like to discuss about society related topics too, Nice meeting you all here...

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