Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Versatile Blogger Award-Seven Random Things about Me

Hello Beauties,
This Versatile Award roaming around the Beauty blogs now a days and revealing about them so beautifully. It is very interesting thing to know about the 7 facts about Beautiful Girls (including me lols) ahem, ahem. So many beautiful girls nominated this award for me (lols they are very eager to know the 7 random things about me, ;) I think). ok, ok here is the big list of those Girls :D

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If I missed any please let me know <3

7 Facts (Random Things) About Me:
1. Shopping with Friends:

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Yeah, I love shopping a lot with my friends. I don't like to shop alone, but most of the times I do shop alone only :'( . Before marriage me and my mom do shopping together, it is wonderful moments in my life. My Mom is like my friend always. After I started to go work, I use to do shop with my colleagues. It was very fun and joyful experiences. Now after marriage all I lost my friendship communication and forced to do shop with my hubby :p. You know how boring it is ;) yes?  The another choice is to do shop alone (I really hate). I have few friends in my apartment, but they are not much interested in makeup shopping. Anyways I do shop alone or with my hubby :p. Nobody can stop it lols...

2. I am a calm Person:
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I know you people won't believe this :p, The bitter truth is I am a calm and shy person. May be I am so active in blogging and commenting, also in social media communications like FB, Twitter etc. But, they all are because I am involving in these activities virtually and not in person right? So, here I am in no need to be shy or calm while involving in blogging activities. There was a confession about me in BBC about this lols. I know very well who wrote it :p. I think I made it clear that calm & shy type doesn't mean that i have to be same in virtual world too.

3. I don't get Angry Easily:
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I am not a short temper person. I like to stay calm and peaceful always. But there is a proverb in our mother tongue " If a Sadhu got angry the whole jungle will fired up" . Like that I never get angry, if I get angry I will sit only after finish the opposite party. Also i never forget the back stabs and two faced people etc in my life. If I get a chance, I will teach them a good lesson. I will take things easily though they are purposely done to hurt me. but if the things exceeds the limits, I will show my fire face lols.. :p . True na :D .

4. I love to Help Others:
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I have this habit is from my childhood which is taught by my parents. In this earth all human has the rights to have all the things. The matter is whether they are really deserve for it. I love to give others what I have. I have the strong hope that God will take care of us, if we help each other in the earth. I never feel jealous on anybody, rather I will hanker for things what I don't have like if I have that thing in my life it will be good.

5. I love Chocolate,Icecreams, sweets & Cool drinks:
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I am a crazy girl when it comes to chocolate, ice creams & Cool drinks. But, not much now a days. because I have sinus problem, so I couldn't drink cool drinks and eat ice creams. God gave me a bigger punishment ;'( . But, still eating chocolate like a crazy small girls. I can fight with my kid for chocolates lols imagine :p, at the same time give up the chocolate fight for my kid. I stopped to eat sweets after I gained a lot of weight last year because I consumed sweets too much :p. Still sometimes I will eat ;) .

6. I love Home Remedies:
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I love home remedies for my skin and hair care. Even for small cough, throat infection, cold I will do home remedies for myself in the home to cure them naturally. I love to drink green tea which is healthy in many ways. I can do anything to keep me fit. I ate only oats when I was in diet. I was very determined that time. Thank God my weight got reduced a lot after delivery. I use butter for my lips and rose water for my skin most of the time.

7. I am not a Makeup junkie:
Yes it is true, I am not much into makeup. But now a days I got more interest on makeup, because of beauty blogging. I love foundations and compact powders most. Now I started to love lipsticks and eye shadows. I love to have selected items only on my stash. I don't like to dumb my stash by so many things, it will leads to confusion when you are in a makeup hurry. I love to organize my stash neatly. But as a beauty blogger my stash is also overloaded :p .

I love to Nominate all my Friends, but all of you already nominated by other beauties, so here I am nominating some Beauties for this Award...
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Hope you all liked reading about me...
With Love Radha <3