Miss Claire Eyeshadows Shades 0804, 0222, 0252 and 0953 Review, Swatches and EOTDs

Hello Beauties,
Happy Sunday to you all my Friends, finally I am going to share my experience with you all about The Miss Claire Eyeshadows. Yes, it is too late I know So sorry for that :). I was tempted to get this miss claire eyeshadows when I saw review of them in Shourima Ghosh’s blog last year. ofcourse, she is from Mumbai it is very easy to get like those things for her. But, I am living in Chennai and was longing for these cuties for long time. I was keep on requesting to some of my Mumbai FB friends to get them for me. Nothing worked and finally Preetha from IBJ helped to get Miss Claire eye shadows. ok, ok stopping this story and starting the review :pAbout The Product:

Affordable eyeshadows
Miss Claire Eyeshadows Shades 0804, 0222, 0252 and 0953 Review, Swatches and EOTDs

Miss Claire Eyeshadows Price 95 Rs for 2 gms 
Shelf Life ???

Product Description:

There is nothing like that in the package…????

Thanks God They have it :O

My Experience with Miss Claire Eyeshadows Shades 0804, 0222, 0252 and 0953:

Do I have to say they are cute??? A small black box with screw lid. It is a pressed eyeshadow. The lid has transparent top and we can easily see the shade of the eyeshadow‘s shade. It is very compact and you can carry it in your purse even.





I got nude brown, Shimmery pink, shimmery Golden and matte black shades from their collections. The Brown shade has slight shimmers in it, but they are totally invisible when I apply it on my lids. The Shimmery pink also have lot of shimmers but they are very subtle when I apply on my lids. The Golden is total glittery gorgeous shade and the matte black is best for smokey eye looks.

Pigmentation of Miss claire Eyeshadows:

Their pigmentation depends on the primer whether we use it or not. yes, the pigmentation is very great for the price and when I swatched them on my hand, they showed a very good pigmentation. But on my eye lids the pigmentation of the nude brown is almost invisible if I don’t use any eye primer. The black and Golden shows great pigmentation even without primer. The Shimmery pink is very subtle shade for my brown lids :(. so, I can’t blame the pigmentation here more. The brown and the pink both are looks like same for my brown lids :'(.

My Experience with Miss Claire Eyeshadows Shades 0804, 0222, 0252 and 0953:


I am loving this Miss claire eyeshadows very much and I wonder any brand can give this much pigmentation for just 95 Rs. Yes, they have great quality when they are compared to other branded high priced eyeshadows. All this shades have fall out problem, so I use to apply them by my finger and then blend. but these problems will be solved if we use a good primer. They stays on the eye lids for 4 to 5 hours without fading with eye primer base.


Especially the brown shadow is exact neutral shade for my brown colour lids. The pink shadow also very subtle and lovely. I loved this both shades very much. Black has great pigmentation and golden is such a gorgeous shade can be wearable for parties or just top this shade on any matte shade to make them gorgeous.


The above EOTDs are that I am wearing shimmery pink and shimmery Golden shades. Hope you all will like this EOTDs. I am loving them very much and my bad habit I am so lazy to use eyeshadow brushes to blend etc :p, I use to swipe them on my lids by my fingers. I don’t know I feel this method is comfortable for me. When I tried this eyeshadows by eyeshadow brushes I have experienced so much fall outs :(. Overall they are total worth for the price.

My Likes with Miss Claire Eyeshadows Shades 0804, 0222, 0252 and 0953:

Awesome shade collections.
Great pigmentation.
Very affordable price.
Travel friendly.
Stays for 4 to 5 hours.

My Dislikes with Miss Claire Eyeshadows Shades 0804, 0222, 0252 and 0953:

Fall outs.
Application needs some tricks.

Final Verdict:
Miss Claire Eyeshadows Shades 0804, 0222, 0252 and 0953, they are awesome shades and I am loving them to the core. If you girls can get this from your place or by someone from Mumbai, please don’t miss this cuties.
Hope my Review is helpful for you all,
Share your thoughts,
Happy Sunday…Radha


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