Halloween Nail Art – Scary Eyes in the Dark

Hello Beauties,
Let’s start to celebrate the Halloween with IBZ. Well, I am tempted to do a horror makeup serial posts :p. for few days. It is just for fun, I am not an expert at nail art or makeup things. Still wanted to entertain you all my dear friends and readers. So here I am starting this horror story with a Nail art. It is very simple Nail art which I can do this only in my hectic work schedule, don’t think I am a working lady, I am a busy house wife.The Theme-Halloween Nail Art – Scary Eyes in the Dark:
We all are afraid of darkness yes? I am so scared about darkness from my childhood. Even I use to sleep with a tiny lamp light in my bedroom. I never want to be darkness at anytime. Generally all human being will feel in secured in the darkness. So I have selected the darkness as my base coat and those two sets of green and pink scared eyes as nail art.

If you want to try something like this you can use any colours of nail paints but use a dark background and light dots for this nail art.I have already posted some easy nail arts for you all,,, don’t forget to check those posts beauties…

The Story Behind This Nail Art:

Easy nail arts
Halloween Nail Art – Scary Eyes in the Dark

I love horror movies and ghost artists, in fact I love to do a horror character in a movie or TV serial. No problem now I got a chance to do what I want to do ;). Here I am creating three characters for my Horror movie. Two friends and one ghost, all are females :p. Two friends are me and my friend. Assume you as my friend.

So, we both are planning to go to a old haunted villa, where people are suspecting a lady ghost roaming around. Finally one day we went there to find the truth behind the lady ghost in the haunted house. The house is full of dust and no one is there. The place looks very mysterious with pin drop silence. It is a big old villa with a big iron gate. We went inside the villa and suddenly the main door of the villa has closed. All of sudden became very dark.

Me and my friend holding each other hands tightly and blinking in the darkness and have no idea how to escape from that place. So here I did that scene in my nails. The Remaining story will be up on the blog by tomorrow. until wait and hold your hands with me tightly…

I have used

1. Faces Cosmetics Neon Matte Bubblepop shade
2. W7 black shade
3. VOV Matte Neon shade nail paint
for the nail art. Just applied the black shade on my nails as base coat and did two polka dots by VOV Matte neon nail paint and the another two dots Faces Neon Matte nail paint. Then made it like eyes by placing black dots inside the polka dots.

Again coming to the story… In that dark place suddenly a candle light appearing, we both seeing a lady’s eyes only in that candle light. Those eyes are beautiful, but very furious and starring us…

Ok, let’s see those furious beautiful eyes in the next post with pictures and some more developed story lols …

Hope you all enjoyed this theme…
See you with a furious eye makeup in the next post…
With Love Radha…


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