Thursday, October 24, 2013

Halloween Eye and face Makeup-Furious Eyes and the ghost in the Dark

Hello Friends,
So are you ready to see the furious eyes in the dark. Well, summing up the previous post... Me and my friend going to a haunted villa and there we got stuck inside the villa. The villa's main gate got closed and there is no light, we both surrounded by darkness everywhere. We have no idea now what to do and we are holding each other hands tightly. Suddenly we saw a candle light with a furious eyes...

The Theme-Furious Eye makeup:
We both are literally shivering badly and forgot totally that we are standing on the floor. Because a cruel bloody lady's face slowly appearing. The face looks so cruel and horrible, she has a clotted blood line from her lips to neck, also a blood line from her forehead to nose. yeah we fainted at the moment when we saw the candle light with that cruel face.
What is that??? someone splashing water on my face. Phewww!!! everything is my stupid dream. Because, I screamed out like hell when I saw that bloody face on my dream and my mom splashed some water to stop my scream. 

About The Makeup Look:
I have used 
1. Lotus Herbals Pure stay Foundation Hazelnut shade
2. Maybelline Dream Matte Beige Pressed Powder
3. Faces Go Chic Lipstick Sparkling wine
4. Colorbar Black Tie Eyeshadow
5. Mybelline Colossal Kajal.

For the blood stains I used the Faces Go Chic Lipstick Sparkling wine. Nothing else special i did here for the look.

The Ghost Smiling:

About The Darkness:
The darkness, according to me we get darkness in our mind and heart usually when we get jealous or sad or feeling down. We can lighten up our mind by good things like music, eating sweets, reading books, praying to God etc. The bloody face is nothing it is our evil mind inside of us. When you fill your mind and heart with good thoughts it will run away from you, like my mom splashed water on my face to get rid of that bad face on my dream. 

According to me there is no evil thing other than a human's bad attitude. I mean it is worst than ghosts. Am I right? We can Use a good makeup cleanser to remove this ghostly face makeup. Same like that we have to use good prayers or advice to remove the bad attitude. An evil face is better than a Two faced human. Dracula is better than a fake friend that sucking your all help and then later backstabbing you. Ghosts are coming as it is we will be aware of it. But fake peoples comes in our life without intimation and signal. we all use to get this kind of experience in our life now and then. So shared it here... No personal opinions...

Hope you will find it fun...
Thank you