Tuesday, October 8, 2013

DIY-Make your Own Face Primer with Your Favourite Makeup Products

DIY-Make your Own Face Primer with Your Favourite Makeup Products
Hello Friends,
Today I am going to share my own Primer story and how I ended up making the primer for me in home itself instead of buying one for me. Yeah, I was seriously searching about primer and its history few months back in the net. We all know that Google always gives us extra unwanted answers also other than which we are supposed to search and read. Likewise Google leads me to how to make your own face primer in home you tube videos. There was lot of videos related to this same topic, which leads me to go crazy and click every videos. I did watch all methods and got confused a lot.

The most videos says the following combination
1. Your Daily Moisturizer
2. Your favourite Concealer or Foundation
3. Aloevera Gel.
4. An Empty Container.
5. Mixing Spoon.

How to make makeup Primers in home
DIY-Make your Own Face Primer with Your Favourite Makeup Products 
I used my Favorite products to prepare my own Face Primer and these products seems very suitable for my skin type, I didn't used concealer because I don't need (if you have major black marks on your face use a liquid concealer instead of foundation. They are...

1. Lotus Herbals Purestay Nourishing Foundation SPF20 Hazelnut Star
2. Lotus Herbals Alphamoist Alpha Hydroxy Skin Renewal oil-Free Moisturiser 

What is Face Primer (My View):
I got a clear idea about primer that face primer is applied on the face to prepare the face before applying foundation and etc makeup things, also make the makeup to stay for long time. Applying face primer makes the skin even out and moisturize which is very easier to blend the foundation on the face. I experienced it after started using this DIY homemade primer and yeah the makeup stays a few hours more than the usual time. Gives a subtle glow and control oiliness on the T-Zone for extra hours. I have used this for eyeshadows too and the eyeshadow pigmentation shows great on the eyes more than usual and stays for extra hours without fading.
Makeup primers

The Preparation Method(This is for oily Skin):
The preparation method is very easy that you can make it on the go within 5 to 10 minutes. Because the products you are going to use are ready in your stash already. The whole process is depends on how much you are going to prepare. If you are going to prepare for just 10 to 15 days refer this DIY quntity which I showed here in the pictures.

Step 1:
Add Aloevera gel in a clean sterilized empty container, I personal suggestion is to add more quantity of aloevera gel than the moisturizing cream. Then only the primer texture will comes like a gel form that can make your skin bouncy and hydrates without oiliness.

Step 2:
Add less quantity of moisturizer than the aloevera gel you have added already in the container. This is just to make the primer texture bit creamy but not very thick. This will gives you a very light weight primer that can easily absorbed on your skin well at the same time with enough moisture.

Step 3:
Add a pump of foundation, just a pump not more than that please. If you add more foundation the primer preparation will become messy totally. The foundation added here for even out the skin tone and to boost up the skin colour more for makeup.

Step 4:
Now mix all this 3 ingredients we have added aloevera gel+Moisturizer cream+Foundation very well with a mixing spoon or whatever you are convenient with to mix it properly.

The Final Face Primer:
This is the final product which is ready to use for your everyday makeup :) . This face primer is very suitable for oily to combination skin beauties. The texture is more like a gel, so it can be absorbed by the skin easily and quickly. After applying the skin looks well nourished and hydrated, will call your foundation on it " now blend on me baby" I won't get stuck with you :p lols, true.

Here I gave the picture to explain how this primer makes difference with my eye shadows with and without primer base.

Pictures for how I blended my foundation after applied the prepared face primer base...

The stored face primer on my cute plastic container...

Some More Tips to make your Own Face Primer According to your Skin Type:
For Oily to combination Skin please do follow the above methods to prepare your own face primer at home.
For Dry to Normal Skin add a thick moisturizer which you are already using for your daily routine. lesser the aloevera gel quantity and increase the moisturizer quantity more.
For Matured Skin add butter like creams to make your skin soft and supple or add some anti-aging serums which you are already using.
For problematic Skin with scars and Marks add your favourite liquid concealer instead of foundation cream to even out the skin tone and hide the blemishes well.

Hope you all liked my DIY post and find useful...
Share your ideas and thoughts with me please...
With Love Radha...

PS:Make sure that the ingredients you are adding for this DIY preparation are in your daily routine. If no make sure they won't cause allergy for you. This DIY preparation didn't cause any allergy or redness for me. Because of that there is no rule that it won't cause allergy for your skin :p, so please do a Patch test before using it.