Vaadi Herbals Under Eye Cream with Almond Oil and Cucumber Extract Review

Review By Gayathri,
Hello Beauties,
I used few Vaadi Herbals before. Few were good but few were really bad. I love all their soaps while I hate their lotions and creams. I reviewed their scrub soap here too which was really good. I previously thought to get this under eye cream since I have dark circles plus it was affordable too but then thought like other lotions and creams, this one will also disappoint me but it didn’t. Check the review below to know in detail how it worked for me.About The Product:

Herbal under eye cream
Vaadi Herbals Under Eye Cream with Almond Oil and Cucumber Extract Review

Vaadi Herbals Under Eye Cream with Almond Oil and Cucumber Extract 
Price and Quantity: Rs. 48 for 25 g

Product Description:

This Ayurvedic treatment is enriched with Almond Oil and Cucumber extracts that comforts the eyes, nourishes the under eye skin, reduces fine lines, prevents wrinkles and lightens the dark under eye circles. Best for all skin types.


• Lightens the dark skin under the eyes
• Prevents and fades fine lines and wrinkles
• Reduces puffiness
• Nourishes and smoothens delicate skin

Almond Oil, Vitamin-E, Cucumber, Rose Water.

How It Works:
It is rich in Vitamin A and D that remove dark under eye circles and improve complexion. It has powerful
antioxidants that prevent skin aging & wrinkling and nourishes under eye area. Cucumber extracts cool the delicate skin around the eyes and reduce the dark circles.

My Experience:
All the lotions and creams I used before were so greasy. My skin never absorbed them properly. So I thought this under eye cream also may be greasy as well disappointing me. But trust me this was beyond my expectations. I’m satisfied with it for the price. The product comes in a white plastic tub. I hate tub packaging since we need to dip our fingers into it which is unhygienic. The cream inside it looks just like a cold cream and smells quite normal. It doesn’t seem to herbal though.

I cleansed my face, took a small amount of the cream and gently applied to the skin around my eyes. To my surprise my skin absorbed it and it never felt greasy at all. It definitely makes the skin smooth hydrating it well and may slightly tighten the skin as well but I don’t think it can reduce the dark circles effectively. I’m not sure about this part because it may be too early to review the product.

On long run, it may slowly reduce the darkness. However I can’t promise this. I also can’t say how much it’s going to tighten the skin because I don’t have loose skin or wrinkles. But for the price, the cream is definitely good and makes your skin around your eyes smooth and hydrates it well.


• Affordable
• Good packaging
• Travel friendly
• Hydrates and moisturizes skin well
• Can slightly tighten skin on regular use
• Nourishes and smoothen skin around eyes

• Availability is an issue. You can find it online only
• Tub packaging is unhygienic
• Can’t say about reducing the dark circles

Rating: 3/5

Will I Recommend? Yes if you don’t have dark circles and are looking for a good moisturizing eye cream, I think it is a best eye cream for college going girls..

About The Writer:

Hi Everyone…

This is Gayatri of Radha’s IBZ was one of those blogs I saw and read almost everyday at my initial blogging stage. In simple words I’m a bubbly type happy going girl. People say I’m so sensitive but I think I’m strong. Day by day I always get to learn new things, get inspired from my lovely blogger friends and I do sometimes silly yet good experiments with my blog. Now I’m also loving to write for IBZ <3. My skin is combination type and dusky in complexion with wavy little dry long hair.

Hope you will find this review useful…
Stay Bless…
With Love Gayu…


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