Accessorize Exposed Palette Review, Swatches and FOTD

Review By Samannita,
Hello Friends,
Today I am up with a totally different post that I usually do lipstick reviews only … yes ! I guess the tittle said everything…today I am going to review Accessorize Exposed Palette that I recently brought from I always love eye makeups, apart from lipsticks, my first love like everybody know is my lipsticks and my second love is for eye shadows. I love collecting palettes and single eye shadows.I admit that I never reveal my love for eye shadows as I am not good in eye makeup…so when it comes about eye makeup I keep it very simple and easy-peasy one which I never bother to share, but coming to this blogging world I learn how to play with colors, I am still a learner learning from all experts in this blogging world and today thanking them first I am starting my review I hope you all like my small speech, anyways now let’s get back to review…

About The Product:

Best eyeshadows
Accessorize Exposed Palette Review, Swatches and FOTDs and a dupe alert

Price: – Rs.1600/- but I brought it in offer so got it in Rs.999/- from which I think is a steal
Shelf life 12 months after opening 
[here:- ]

Product Description:

“Accessorize gives you a chance to look glamorous every day, courtesy this ‘Exposed’ eye palette. Including eye shadows in various shades, it will help you sport a new look for different occasions. Here is the picture of the list of ingredients in it. Accessorize exposed palette basically an eye shadow palette that consists of all shades based on neutrals that you can use for your everyday look. The packaging of the palette is very cute, as you can see there is a small mirror inside the palette which is very helpful in case you need touch up.


My Experience with Accessorize Exposed Palette:

Next coming to the packaging the palette is based on a hard cardboard which has magnet I guess that hold the lid of the palette firmly still for additional security there is an elastic band that hold the lid of the palette firmly and gives a lovely look too . I never knew that accessorize do have such lovely palettes [ I know I am kind of Dumbo when it’s comes about internet surfing] , it was my friends Renu and Renji [the two beauties from blogging world ] shared their shopping experience of this palette on Facebook from where I get to know and grab this palette without second thought just seeing  the lovely packaging.

Now coming to my take on the palette:-

To my utter surprise the palette didn’t disappoint me in any way as the packaging is super cute. Next are
the shades that are true wearable for everyday look. It consists of both matte and shimmery finish eye shadows. The shades from upper two rows are from Neutrals and are highly shimmery as you can see from the swatches of the shades in my hands.

Accessorize Exposed Palette

While the last two rows are much more pigmented and shades are from blue, pink, gold, copper, black. In short the entire palette is worth the price as it comprises of 32 shades. The shades are pigmented, less fall outs and shadows stays intact for more than 6 hours on my lids. No fades of shades with hours.The textures of the eye shadows are super soft, nearly baked eye shadows but the shades are prone to breakage as they are super soft so handling of palette with care is suggested. Now here is the look that I tried to do using this palette, as I am a beginner in eye makeup while playing with shades so please ignore my blending flaws: P

I marked the shades in numbers that I used to do the eye makeup.

1. As base of the eye shadows.
2. On the middle part of the upper eye lid.
3. Near the tear duct and on upper eye lid of inner side of the eye.
4. On the outer corner of the upper eye lid and lower lash line just 3/4

Followed by blend, blend, and blend with a blending brush. And here is the picture of the entire makeup stuffs that I use for this makeup. But forgot to put the picture of the mascara that is lakme eye conic mascara and the lipstick I use is Mac Captive.

Now coming to the pros and cons of the palette!

1. Nice packaging, customer attractive.
2. Sturdy cardboard case that gives the palette a vintage look.
3. The shades are pretty wearable on daily basis.
4. The shadows are pigmented.
5. Stays near about 6 hours on my eye lids intact.
6. Less fallout.
7. Texture of the shadows are soft thus easy to blend.

1. Availability might be an issue as this brand’s cosmetics is available only in and
2. Pricey if it not brought in offer.

My ratings:-4/5 due to the cons.

My recommendation: – if you love neutrals then this palette is definitely going to be “must have” in your kitty.

Dupe alert!

As the availability is an issue so I can show you a dupe of it. Here is the picture showing the shades of Mua palettes from “heaven and earth” and “undress me “along with the “accessorize exposed palette”.  Have a close look, this particular palette from Accessorize is actually a dupe of Mua heaven and earth and undress me palette so if you can’t get Accessorize one then you can grab the other two palettes from Mua.

About The Writer:
I am Samannita belongs from the “city of Joy” Kolkata…Being a housewife and a mother of a 2 yrs. old son ,I love to spend my leisure hours reviewing makeup or talk about cosmetics or surfing net about online going offers on cosmetics. My hair color is Black and it is wavy, trying hard to straight it naturally…as I love straight hair. I am NC 35 means fair with warm undertone but blessed with oily skin which I just hate most about my skin. When it comes about makeup, I am obsessed with lipsticks mostly. I believe “anybody can be beautiful by proper using of makeup and makeup doesn’t mean wearing a mask on your face but to enhance your beauty by hiding your flaws and highlighting your best feature “. Well, that’s it …Keep smiling because this is the best exercise that you can do to tone your facial muscles and can look younger for ages 🙂

Hope you all like my review!
Please don’t forget to show your love by commenting below…
With Love Sam…


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