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Streetwear Eyeliner 01 Black Review, Swatches & EOTD

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Happy Monday to you all, hope you all had enjoyed your friendship day celebrations very well. Today I am going to share Streetwear Eyeliner Review, Swatches & EOTD with you all. I bought this Streetwear eyeliner long time back and it is almost going to finish. In my life the makeup product which I am finishing often are eyeliner, mascara and lip balm (feeling proud ). Let's see the review...

About The Product:
Affordable eyeliners
Streetwear Eyeliner 01 Black Review, Swatches & EOTD
Streetwear Eyeliner Black 01 
Price      190 Rs for 8 ml

Product Description:
Street Wear Eyeliner is a liquid based formula that ensures high definition and no lumpiness. It glides on softly and adds drama to eyes.
Features and Benefits
Gives your eyes a perfect line every time
Thick textured
Long sturdy applicator
Bristles are few in number, thin and soft
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My Experience with Streetwear Eyeliner 01 Black:
This Streetwear Eyeliner comes in a plastic long tube with a lengthy eye liner applicator. It is easy to carry with us wherever we go.

The texture is very thick and dark black in colour which I loved the most from this eyeliner. I didn't smell any weird fragrance which some eyeliners do.

The Applicator:
The another best part of this eyeliner is it's applicator which is very flexible to do any eyeliner design. It is very thin with few bristles gives a thin to medium eye line when I apply. The applicator is lengthy than other eyeliners which I used previously.

My Take:
I love to wear this streetwear eyeliner all the time when I go out. This eyeliner gives a subtle sheen eye line to the eyes when applied, though this eyeliner doesn't have glitters. Gives a thick black eye line which makes my eyes more attractive. This can be wear for parties too, will look very pretty.

This eyeliner stays for long time until I wash it off without smudging. I never experienced any irritation or allergy because this eyeliner.

When it comes to the washing part you must need a good eye makeup remover or oil. when you apply oil to remove your eye and the around area will get messed up. It is not a big problem a cotton dipped in a water will remove all the mess.

Over all I am loving this eye liner very much and very pocket friendly with good quality.


Hope you will love my EOTD

My Likes with Streetwear Eyeliner 01 Black:
  • It is pocket friendly.
  • Good quality and quantity for the price.
  • Gives subtle sheen which makes eyes attractive.
  • Thick black in colour which is enough to apply only one time (I mean no need to build up) :-p.
  • Very easy to apply.
  • Gives a good and shiny finish.
  • No irritation for eyes.
  • Stays until you wash it off. 
  • No smudge.
My Dislikes with Streetwear Eyeliner 01 Black:
  • Availability, available mostly in online only.
  • Takes bit extra time to dry.
  • Needs extra effort to remove.
Final Verdict:
Streetwear Eyeliner 01 Black is a pocket friendly and awesome eyeliner which gives you a intense black eye line with long stay time. So go and get one for you available at slassy, goodlife, healthkart.

Hope my Review is helpful for you all,
What is your favourite eyeliner???
By Radha