Revlon colorstay whipped creme Foundation warm golden Review

Review By Preeti Kaur
Hello Beauties,
This is my first guest post on Indian Beauty Zone and I am super happy , Thanks Radha for publishing my post . Today I am reviewing my current favorite foundation, Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Foundation in the shade Warm Golden. It has been making quite a rage in the blogging world and supposedly replaced Revlon‘s hit product, Revlon Colorstay Makeup.About The Product:

Best makeup foundations for oily skin
Revlon colorstay whipped creme Foundation warm  golden Review, Swatch & FOTD

Revlon colorstay whipped creme Foundation warm  golden 
Price- INR 800 for 23.7 ml.
Shades- There are three shades available.
1. Natural Ochre
2. Warm Golden
3. Natural Tan

Product Description:


A new whipped creme foundation with time-release technology that provides all day flexible wear that won’t cake or flake. The smooth, silky texture of Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup blends right into your skin, with no heavy or cakey feeling. The formula, containing silk and botanicals, goes on silky smooth with coverage you can build to even out skin tone. Presented in a sleek glass jar, the luxurious creme makeup leaves a soft matte finish that will enhance any complexion. Skin looks flawless with up to 24 hours wear!

• Time release technology balances skin for a continuously flawless look.
• This next-generation patent-pending whipped creme formula feels lightweight and comfortable, so makeup looks flawless all day, without rubbing off
• Bouncy, whipped formula feels ultra light and silky smooth
• Soft Matte finish
• Buildable to full coverage
• Wears up to 24hrs
• Fragrance Free
• Oil Free

Warm Golden suits me to the T 🙂 Here is the swatch: –


The foundation comes in a frosted glass jar with a round black screw cap. It also has a small lip separating the cap roof and the product. The white lid makes sure that no product gets accumulated in the cap making a mess. It is not the most convenient packaging but I have figured a way out to make sure it doesn’t get contaminated.

Since the quantity is huge, it is going to last long and the chances of introducing bacteria to the foundation increases by manifold. First of all, I don’t dip my fingers into the pot at all. I take a clean q-tip to take the foundation out. I take a coin size amount of the product with the help of a q-tip and transfer it to a small jar (like the ones they give you in Clinique stores for product samples). This way I don’t open the jar as often and the foundation doesn’t get introduced to any kind of bacteria.

Coverage & texture-

It offers medium coverage. I like to add two thin layers. That way it doesn’t look cakey. It has a very thick creamy texture.

My experience
I have acne prone combination-oily skin. Most of the foundations break me out and that includes MAC, EL & MUFE. On one hand all our lovely bloggers’ HG foundation comes from these brands, I stay away from them 🙁 Thankfully, it has not broken me out. Once the foundation is set, it stays and stays, even through Delhi heat & humidity. Sweating makes my face shiny which can easily be resolved with a blotting sheet.

I have worn it for 10 hours and it didn’t fade at all. Yeah, can you believe it? It is appropriate for long hours even through non-AC environment. I have tried using brush as well as fingers with this foundation. Fingers give better coverage while my RT Expert Face Brush sheers out the coverage a bit. Let sum up the pros and cons 🙂

Pros: –
1. Medium coverage.
2. Buildable.
3. Apt for combination-oily skin.
4. Very long wearing.
5. Doesn’t fade easily.
6. Didn’t break me out.
7. Huge quantity is given and a very small amount is required every time. So the jar will last a long time.

Cons: –
1. Tub packaging.
Overall, I just love the foundation

God Bless!

About The Writer
Hi! My name is Preeti Kaur. I am the editor/owner of Personal Fashion Hub. My MAC shade NC40 and my skin type is Acne prone, combination to oily skin. I update makeup, beauty and fashion posts. I am a lipstick hoarder. I am a free spirit and like to take my life as “One day at a time”. Do hop on my blog for daily dose of makeup and fashion tips.

Hope you all like My Review…
Please share your comments…
With Love Preeti


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