Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My Current Favourites Lip liner & Eye liners

Hello Beauties,
Today I am going to share my four current favourite lip liner and eyeliner pencils. Remember I hauled last month, those pencils I am going to review.
Affordable eyeliners and lipliners
My Current Favourites Lip liner & Eye liners
These pencils all are under 100 Rs only got in a mall at Chennai...

MAC Dazzle Colour Kajal:
This is china made MAC eye pencil, I bought this kajal for fun and the name ;) lols. Never expected that this kajal pencil gives this much intense black colour to the eyes and stays for 3 to 4 hours in the eyes with slight smudge only. This kajal gives intense black colour to the water eye line within one to two swipes. I was like wow and got amazed!!!

This kajal pencil model is almost looks like lakme eyeconic, but girls believe me it is for better than Lakme one :p. yes, for the price tag, this kajal is more than worth to buy. I am wearing this kajal daily in home and it stays for 3 to 4 hours with slight smudge. After completely smudging this kajal on my eyes gives a smokey eye look, yeah no panda look. I am loving this very much. So for there is no irritation or allergy on my sensitive eyes. The texture of this kajal is very smooth and creamy, never broke like Lakme :p.

The ADS Lip and Eye Pencil:
This brand is known by many of us, cheap and best, this pencils gives that much pigmentation which a 200 rs worth lip liner and eye pencils can't give.
I expected a coral lip line from this lip liner, but it gives a dark pink colour. No problem for me anyway and it is dead cheap product and gives a great pigmentation with long stay power. This pencil comes with a sharpener in it and I never saw wastage of product by sharpening.

Here is my LOTD with the lip liner only...

The Glitter kings two Eyeshadow come eyeliner pencils:
I am not aware of this brand, they may be some local brands. But the results are equal to high end brands lols. I bought one brown and a black glittery eye pencils. The light brown eye pencil is giving a good neutral pearl finish look to the eyes and the black glitter pencil gives a glamorous look to the eyes with white silver glitters in the black background.

  This brown neutral failed to show it's full effect on my brown dark eye lids :(. So, I can't blame it much, but still I took a snap with this eyeshadow look.

It can be used as a eyeshadow base as well. This is also very cheap and best product.

The black glitter swatches:

I am sure you all will love this black glitter eye shadow. It has very creamy and soft texture and easy to apply. But, the glitters won't go that much easily even you use oil etc. The one or more glitters will be on your eyes for one more day.

Hope you all liked my today's post
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