MAC Mall Madness Lip Gloss Archies Girls Review

Review By Snigadha
Hi Lovelies,
I am a regular reader of Indian Beauty Zone Blog and here  is my first post here ,so m a little nervous as well as excited, please bear with me. Well , this post belongs to a MAC  lip gloss from Archies girls collection named as Mall Madness. This is my first MAC product..I have read so many good reviews of Mac products and luckily won this at a beauty blog some days back.. Read the below lines to know whether I love it or not.What MAC says:
Beautiful Blonde-Next-Door Betty inspires a limited-edition colour collection with a soft, innocent sexiness. Lipsticks in peaches and pinks beam bright under layers of Lipglass in girly shades. Nail Lacquerin Comic Cute and Pep Pep Pep to win Archie’s affection.  All packaged in exclusive designs.

About MAC Lipgloss Mall Madness:

MAC Archies girl's collections
MAC  Mall Madness Lip Gloss Archies Girls Review, Swatch & LOTD

MAC  Mall Madness Lip Gloss Archies Girls 
Price: Rs.1100/-


The Lipgloss Mall Madness is part of the Veronica Collection of Archie’s Girls. Mac describes it as a midtone pink violet. But this violet is some different and it is more similar to onion –pink color, because it has strong purple undertone  and on lips it looks like pretty plum pink with soft golden and fuschia shimmer.


I feel this lipgloss is quite thick and  sticky as compare to the other glosses I have..Personally I don’t like
sticky lip glosses, but It is nothing as compare to its staying power. One thing I must say,it hydrates and
moisturizes my dry lips very well.


The Archie’s Girls Collection products are the most attractive packaging I have ever seen.  The applicator is soft and good quality.. It is well pigmented.

My Take on MAC Lipgloss Mall Madness:
It is my first Mac product…To be very honest I always wanted to try Mac lipstick (I am a lipstick lover ) after reading lots of reviews on Mac products at every beauty blogs, but its high price always pulled back and as mentioned above that I won it at a beauty blog,so I got it as a free gift  you can say.

Between I love the shade of this lip gloss,very much tempting. I have very dry lips, always need a lip balm. Each time I apply lip balm underneath my lipstick lip gloss,because of two reasons. First one is, I am afraid to apply lipsticks without balm due to my dry lips(weather it makes my lips more dry) and the second one is, when you apply a lip balm it is easy to remove lipstick gloss(no need of extra rub).

Well as it is thick in texture I have apply lip balm underneath it due to the second reason and one of the best part of the lip gloss is, it hydrates and moisturizes my lips for a long time(its staying power is more). After a sort meal the pinkish look of the gloss vanishes and the golden tints stays behind which looks equally good on my lips…I like it.. It is a shade which will suit all Indian skin tones.

Now see how it looks on my lips..


• Cute packaging
• Staying power is good
• It hydrates and moisturizes my lips well
• Nice color, will suit all skin tones.

• It is quite thick and sticky

Rating: 4/5

Final Verdict:
Mac Mall Madness Lip gloss is a pretty plum pink with soft golden shimmer that looks great on the lips! It is sticky but the staying power makes it a winner. No doubt about its quality and it is a must have for all…

Have you used any lip gloss from MAC Archies Girls..???

About The Writer:
Name: Snigdha Prusti I am a home-maker as well as a new mom of 2 month old baby prince. I have normal skin type . My complexion is fair. I have black, curly(at the ends only) hair. Lipstick/lip gloss and a kajal are very essential part of mine in makeup. In dressing up I like both Indian and western costumes.. I love making new friends, cooking and eating as well as travelling. My hubby and my father are my best ideal. I don’t like selfish and lier  people.

Hope you all like my Review…
Please share your comments…
With Love Snigadha <3


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