Saturday, August 24, 2013

Indian Beauty Zone One Year Blog Anniversary Celebration

Hello My Dear Friends,
I am very happy to write this Indian Beauty Zone One Year Blog Anniversary Celebration post. Yeah, Indian Beauty Zone Completed one year of it's Beauty journey in this 1st week of august month. I wanted to celebrate it with my Birthday. I am thanking all my Lovely Blogger friends and readers form my heart for all your support.
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Indian Beauty Zone One Year Blog Anniversary Celebration

How "My Noble Secrets" Turns into "Indian Beauty Zone":
Actually this Indian Beauty Zone has started it's journey in the name of "My Noble Secrets" , My old blogger friends knew it very well. I have changed the name when I got my own domain during January 2013. I am a blogger since 2011, I have started a blog simply to share some beauty tips and Recipes. There was no continuous updates and I wrote just 50 to 100 words posts mostly. That time the Beauty blogging is not that much famous I think.

After that there was a long gape like 6 months between me and blog. Suddenly in 2012 I started "My Noble Secrets" blog and started to write Beauty tips and Recipes continuously. Believe me I was zero about blog designing and all. I am not familiar to any beauty blogs too. In June 2012 I got severe infection on my face, because I used my expired compact, which I am not aware of it totally. I was under treatment, couldn't go out because of allergy on my face. That time I started to search for reviews for products and found IMBB first, later found Wiseshe too. I became regular reader for Wiseshe and IMBB. Then only I came to know product reviews and makeup tips are how much important.

Me and My Makeup Thoughts:
I wrote a guest post for Wiseshe, later I started to write reviews for my blog continuously. because I am a person who keep on changing beauty products to experience and find a perfect one for me. Recording Makeup I was not an makeup addict before I started blogging. According to me makeup is applying foundation and compact, using kajal, eyeliner and mascara.

After started blogging only I came to know about blush, eye shadow, countering, bronzer etc. Well I knew about lipstick but I was not interested really. To be frank I don't know anything about a perfect makeup really. Just for the past one year I am into these things. I hope I will improve myself more in makeup and try to post makeup looks etc.

How IBZ gathered it's Readers:
I use to sit in the night time after everybody sleeping and search some networks to connect for beauty bloggers. Really I have no idea and I was writing posts with 0 comments with only 5 GFC followers. I found Indiblogger, from their I found Nirmala, Lancy, Niesha. They started commenting on my blog on regular basis. We became friends and later I got introduced to NBBN network. Then slowly my beauty network expanded.

I was like OMG this many people into this Beauty Blogging world, lovely and awesome!!! Yeah Style Craze also gave me more friends.

Today is doubly special day being my birthday and blog's anniversary Lets celeberate this day togther, love you all! My Blogging journey wouldn't have been possible without all of you who follows the blog, so would like to take the oppurtunity to thank all of you for your inputs and support for IBZ. I like to thanks to all the contributors whose reviews made IBZ what it is today. I would like to thank Tejinder who is one the main contributor together with Samannita Modak, Gayathri, Barisha, Apoorva, Ranju, Janu, Swarnali and many more. I love your reviews a lot, they are the backbone of IBZ in true sense.

My Favorites:
I love kajal, Deodorants and Lip Balms the most,
1. "It is better to annoy others by our body spray smell than our ugly sweaty odour".
2. "Swipe the Kajal on your Eyes and swipe the lip balm on your lips" now you are ready to go out and rock.
3. "Makeup is a temporary solution to hide your blemishes and flaws, Skin care is the permanent solution to cure your problems"

Thanks for Reading my Post
Please continue your support and stay happy
with lot of love By Radha