August Skin Care Haul Post with

Hello Friends,
Happy Weekend to you all, today I am going to share my August Skin Care Haul Post with online shop. This is nothing special haul, this haul contains only four skin care products. But the thing is all are new which I never used them before. Let’s see what they are…The Haul: online shopping
August Skin Care Haul Post with

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This time Experience with
Yeah, there is no rule to have the same experience with a online shopping site which you had before. This time it was bit different like it is not bad at all, still got bit tensed. I always do COD orders mostly with any online shopping site, so did the same with also. Slassy do the shipping the very next day from your order, which I expereinced last time.

I was suppose to receive a confirmation call for the order from them. but they didn’t. But I received a mail that my about my order and the status of the order was still not shipped. I was waiting till evening and called them. When I asked about the order status the lady telling in cool tone that my order is confirmed and processed to ship. The next day I got the parcel which is super packed with well sealed items.

I ordered 
1. Lotus Herbals Alphamoist Oil free moisturizer 
2. Lotus Herbals Skin lightening Anti tan Sunblock 
3. Nivea Aqua effect refreshing cleansing milk
4. Aromamagic Strawberry face wash.

1. Lotus Herbals Alphamoist Oil free moisturizer :

I was using Lotus Herbals micro emulsion day cream with spf and then Himalaya fairness cream. Guess what??? yeah really got bored :p and saw some good reviews about this cream and tempted to buy this and did :).

2. Lotus Herbals Skin lightening Anti tan Sunblock:

I was using Lotus Herbals sunscreen gel which I liked very much for summer, it was amazing sunscreen which never made me oily and kept my face fresh. Now I wanted to try this Anti-tan sunblock cream, so bought this one without second thought with full of hope.

3. Nivea Aqua effect refreshing cleansing milk:

I have finished my VLCC sandal cleansing milk and yet to review this one. To be frank yeah I liked it a lot, still wanted to try Nivea range of skin care products to test their efficiency on my sensitive skin. I choose cleansing milk always which mentioned for normal skin or normal to dry skin or combination skin. Because I use Cleansing milk mostly after wake up and before bed. These time skin needs really a good nourishment, so I choose things accordingly 🙂 .

4. Aromamagic Strawberry face wash:

After my successful and good stories with Aromamagic face wash range I am into strawberry face wash from this range to try next. Lol I tried Chamomile, Lavender, Grape fruit and reviewed. Now this strawberry one, next only one left it is neem face wash I think. I will do try that also :p in future.

That’s all Girls I think I dragged this haul post so much… :p excuse me please
Hope you liked this haul and share your views
Stay Happy…
By Radha


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