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Aaranyaa Skin care de tanning Face&Body Scrub with Neem&Tulsi Review

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Today I am going to review an awesome face&body scrub for tan removal, isn't sounds interesting? Yeah, very interesting review of Aaranyaa Skin care de tanning  Face&Body Scrub with Neem&Tulsi. I got this scrub for review about 20 days back. I am using it regularly and this scrub became my favourite scrub nowadays. Let's see the review...

About The Product:
Best herbal scrubs
Aaranyaa Skin care de tanning  Face&Body Scrub with Neem&Tulsi Review
Aaranyaa Skin care de tanning  Face&Body Scrub
Price       225 Rs for 100 gms
Shelf life 2 years 

Product Description & Ingredients:


My Experience with Aaranyaa Skin care de tanning  Face&Body Scrub:
Aaranyaa Skin care de tanning  Face&Body Scrub comes in a tube with flip cap open, travel friendly package.

Smell and Texture:
The smell of this scrub is purely Tulsi plant's fragrance, which is very divine, personally I love it very much. The texture is very interesting one, it has very smaller particles of grinded   Neem and Tulsi leaves and it's stem. The scrub is actually in thick gel form and in looks like a green gel.

My Take:
I am using this Aaranyaa Skin care de tanning  Face&Body Scrub almost daily, because I loved the results very much. Initially I am bit in hesitation to use this scrub regularly, as my skin is sensitive. But, once this scrub started to show the results. I got clear skin slowly and the tan recently I got because of some acne treatment also gone.
This scrub helps me to get rid of excess oiliness and it's bad effects from the face. I saw that it also prevents the formation of new black heads in my nose. I am feeling wonderful every time when I am using this scrub that it contains the original Tulsi and Neem particles in it. The scrubbing part is really awesome and safe for sensitive skin, like it has very fine particles which scrubs at the same time no harm for the skin. the gel support for the scrub is really good and very easy to spreading it all over the face.
I just wet my face and apply this scrub on my face and the scrub slowly and gently. After washing my face it looks so fresh and oil free, I never feel dry or itchy. The another good thing is very small amount is enough for the entire face and neck. I am happy that I got a herbal and paraben free daily use scrub.

My Likes with Aaranyaa Skin care de tanning  Face&Body Scrub:
  • Not Tested on animals.
  • Free from harmful chemicals.
  • Contains Neem and Tulsi.
  • Helps in removing recent tan.
  • Clears the skin by regular use.
  • Doesn't dry out the skin.
  • Leaves the skin fresh and soft.
  • Controls blackhead formation.
  • Helping in treatment of small breakouts.
  • Safe on sensitive skin.
  • It has salicylic acid.
My Dislikes with Aaranyaa Skin care de tanning  Face&Body Scrub:
To be frank I don't have any complaint other than it's availability in offline.

Final Verdict:
Aaranyaa Skin care de tanning  Face&Body Scrub is the best scrub for daily use with Neem and Tulsi which are very good for skin always. So, go and get one for you Girls....Check at 

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By Radha

Product sent by PR, My Review is honest