Vivel Active Complete Fairness Cream Review

Review By Ranju
Hello Beauties,
Today, I am going to review about Vivel Active Complete Fairness Cream.  I saw the ad of this product it looks good but, the worst part is that they have emphasized more on like how a girl wasn’t comfortable singing in front of her friends because, of her dark complexion and when she starts using this fairness cream becomes fair and starts performing in public. Well, I know looks has always been the concern for women but, not at the cost of their self-esteem. There are women who made history in the world without being so extra-ordinarily beautiful hope, next time the advertiser makes a sensible Ad like for tan removal or for even skin tone not for converting a dusky beauty into a whitish woman. :P. For that you need to follow what Michael Jackson did :-p

Product Description:

Vivel skin care products
Vivel Active Complete Fairness Cream Review

Claims: Superior, faster and longer lasting fairness. Clinically Proven. For all skin types.
Price: Rs. 14 for 15g 

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My Experience with Vivel Active Complete Fairness Cream:

Coming to the product, it comes in different variant I used the one in small pack. In few days, it starts showing its effect. While travelling to office I have tanned a lot and this has helped me in removing the tan to some extent. Another, benefit is that it gives a matte look and keeps your face oil-free for sometime which would be liked by oily skin beauties and combination ones. 

Dry skin beauties, stay away from this. I do not understand why they have mentioned for all skin type. It’s just like a cream not that thick or too much creamy but, you have to massage properly because it can give you a ghostly look. Has a pink tint to it. Fragrance is powdery floral kind which doesn’t bother my sensitive nose. Has SPF 15 but, don’t know how much it will help in India’s hot weather? πŸ˜› Overall, a decent fairness cream.

My Likes with Vivel Active Complete Fairness Cream:
1.    Helps in removing tan fast.
2.    Comes in different variant and you can also carry it in your bag.
3.    Gives an oil-free look which stays for some time.
4.    Fragrance is not bothering.
5.    Good option if you are bugged up and want to try a new fairness cream.

My Dislikes with Vivel Active Complete Fairness Cream:
1.    Need to massage a lot to prevent ghostly look.
2.    Claim is not true which says it’s for all skin type. According, to me it’s not for dry beauties.
3.    SPF 15, very less for India’s weather.
4.    Ingredients are not mentioned.

My Final Verdict:
It’s just another fairness cream which helps in tan removal, good for combination and oily skin beauties not for dry skin beauties at all.
I will recommend this if you want help in tan removal, try it’s smallest variant(it will not cost much) so, that if it doesn’t suits your skin for some or the other reason you can use it for your tanned feet or hands or just pass it on to someone  who can use it.

Rating: 3.5/5

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