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Nivea Fruity Shine Cherry and Nivea Essential Care Lip balms Review

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Hope everybody doing great, today I am going to share Nivea Fruity Shine Cherry and Nivea Essential Care Review with you all. This is my HG lip balms and I have finished these Nivea lip balms just a week ago. It's an achievement for every girl to finish lip balms and lipsticks unless they loved them very much. Well My first lip balm is from Nivea and it is like love at first sight. I got Nivea Essential care as a free gift with this Nivea Fruity shine cherry. There is no wonder I loved and loving all their lip balm and tinted lip balms very much till date. Let's see the Review...

About the Product:
Affordable good lip balms
Nivea Fruity Shine Cherry and Nivea Essential Care Lip balms Review 
Nivea Fruity Shine Cherry and Nivea Essential Care
Price         129 Rs
Quantity   4.8 g
Shelf Life  30 Months

Product Description:


My Experience with Nivea Fruity Shine Cherry and Nivea Essential Care:
The Packaging is very comfortable and compact to use and take along with you where ever you goes. Bith lip balms have a white press type cap.
The fragrance of the Nivea fruity shine cherry is sour and tasty like cherry and the Nivea Essential care lip balm has neither good smell nor bad.
The texture of the Nivea Fruity shine is creamy and yummy too and the Nivea Essential care's texture is also creamy and almost like an ordinary Vaseline :p .

I love the Nivea Fruity shine Cherry very much, I was using the pomegranate flavor one before. Regarding pigmentation the cherry is less than the pomegranate one (might be the flavor is one of the reason). The coverage is very sheen and this tinted lip balm is very much suitable for those who have lovely pinky lips without pigmentation. I have pretty ugly pigmentation on my lips always, but I loved this tinted lip balm very much. By regular use this lip balm helped me to get rid of 2/4 of my lip pigmentation which I noticed.

The colour pay off is bit less than my expectation :/ but it's ok, I liked it's moisture power and light pale reddish tint in it when ever I apply it on my lips. I use to apply it often a day, which i love to do :p. This lip balm gives a shiny and glossy effect to the lips. staying power is bit low like if I drink water or eat this lip balm will go away, otherwise this stays on my lips for 2 hours at least. I never miss to apply it as a base coat under my lipstick as it has SPF10 is an additional quality for this lip balm.
Regarding Nivea Essential care, It is an very ordinary plain lip balm, I am not much into this type of lip balms as I use flavored lip balms always :p.

My Likes with Nivea Fruity Shine Cherry:
  • Easily available.
  • Affordable.
  • Helps in pigmentation removal  on the lips partially.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Gives a sheer finish.
  • Good smell.
  • Has SPF 10.
  • gives a light red tint to the lips.
  • Best to use under the lipsticks.
  • Gives shiny and glossy look to the lips.
  • Lovely Fragrance.
My Dislikes with Nivea Fruity Shine Cherry:
  • Average staying power.
  • Pigmented lips can't show off the red tint given by this lip balm.
  • Pigmentation of this tinted lips balm is not much like pomegranate flavor. 
Final Verdict:
Nivea Fruity Shine Cherry and Nivea Essential Care are the best lip balms which has different flavors to try with SPF 10 is an additional good point.

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