My July Month Collective Haul Post – Offline Shopping

Hello Dolls,
Hope all of you doing great, I am bit busy this week with my kid. But still spending time for blogging crazy me. Let me tell the story behind this offline shopping. Here in Chennai it was very hot before 10 days and usually I won’t go out when it is hot outside. For the past 10 days in Chennai the whether is awesome and pleasant, no hot and no rain, but now it is raining. Last week just drizzling and the whether was very good to go around the city for shopping.

So, I have decided to go to the shopping area of Chennai, it’s near by my living place. Finally after a long time I did my offline shopping successfully, great na!!!

Now The Haul Pictures:

Accessories and sandal shopping
My July Month Collective Haul Post – Offline Shopping  

This is a collective Haul with cosmetics and accessories like Bindi, Rings, Earrings Anklets etc. Actually I have no idea what to buy when I entered the shop, later bought so many, it happens na!!!
I am not fond of variety of Bindis, still this design tempted me to buy, so did it :p, I love small bindis and never use big bindis.

Tips & Toes Pressed powder, I love Tips & Toes brand products hence they are affordable with good quality. I bought two different shades one for giveaway :).

This Colourful rings are very cute and I bought this immediately because they are adjustable, can be fit for any size of finger, well I am gonna put all this cuties in the giveaway ;). These rings has great finish and I loved them a lot.

Whenever I go shopping I never miss to shop earrings, I will go crazy if I see earrings in the shop and will start to collect them atleast 10 designs :p. The studs in four colours are awesome and good looking. The Rose stud for the giveaway. I loved this hoops actually was searching for red and black. They all out of stock, so picked up this sky blue colour. I love Jumkas very much, though I have so many Jumkas, still wanna new one always :p lols. That pearl drops is awesome.

Earring shopping

These eye pencils are affordable and well pigmented, don’t get shocked by seeing MAC product on my haul post, this is china MAC :p, affordable and good one. The ADS pencils I think so many of you already knew about it. One black glitter eye pencil, one lip liner in red shade, MAC Kajal and ADS double lip liner&eye pencil.

This is for giveaway Black hoops in various size, hope you girls will like it :).

I got Faces Gochic lipstick in Hazelnut shade, Tips& Toes Water resistant eye liner also, they are awesome I loved this Hazelnut shade very much. I will review it soon.

Lipsticks and eyeliners

There was a huge collections of Nail colours in the store, I just got confused which one to pick and finally three BOB Nail paints in Peacock Green, baby pink and yummy dark orange shade. The Doab nail colours are great and I picked purple and blue shades from this range. Finally Channel V nail polish in light green, this brand is very new for me.

My old Blush brush got damaged and I saw this blush brush in the store looks promising and good, so I bought this one without second thought :p.

This anklets, yeah I got bored with my currently wearing anklets design and saw this one looks so good. This looks very beautiful isn’t it?

Finally sandals, yeah I bought this too in black colour. I prefer black sandals always which will be matching  with all outfits. 
That’s all Girls, 
Hope you all enjoyed my Haul post,
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