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Affordable Pink and Brown lipsticks

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Today I am going to share my favourite five Lip Products-Beauty Tag. I am not a Lipstick person, I have very few lipstick collection compared with other beauty bloggers. I love all the lipsticks which I have currently. Still there are five lip products I can tell they are my close buddies always. I mean whenever I go out I will pick one of these pretties to wear on my lips for sure. I am sorry I couldn't make Lip swatches for this post because My kiddo was with me. I tries my best but couldn't do the LOTDs . Somehow I am happy to write this post at least. So I am requesting you all to see the Lipstick review post for LOTD :p please.

My 5 Favourite Lip Products
I am a lip balm junkie, so I can't say a particular lip balm is my favourite. So, I chosen five lipsticks for this post as my favourite.

They are
Jordana, Maybelline lipsticks
Affordable Pink and Brown lipsticks 

1. Jordana Lipstick Plum Wine shade
2. Maybelline 14hr Super Stay Lipstick Lastiing Chestnut shade
3. MUA lipstick shade no 10
4. Coloressence Lipstick peachy pink Shade
5. Inglot Lipstick shade no 61

Now in detail:
1. Jordana Lipstick plum wine:
This is a perfect Party wear shade and the pigmentation is very good, that can hide my lip pigmentation very well. Loving this lipstick very much currently for it's gorgeous colour pay off on my pigmented lips. Here is a FOTD that I am wearing this lipstick...
Good staying power with good pigmentation, it's a steal for it's price, please see the review HERE

2. Maybelline 14hr Super Stay Lipstick Lastiing Chestnut shade:
This is my favourite plum shade, though it gives a bit auntiesh look :p I love this shade very much. It is perfect nude shade for my lips and skin tone. If I visit my kid's school or going hospitals, I am sure I will wear this lipstick which will never take attention of others. This lipstick pigmentation and it's staying power is great. This is perfect for daily wear nude and plum shade. For more details please click HERE

This is PR Sample

3. MUA lipstick shade no 10
This is my favourite plum red shade with mild glitter particles. I love to wear this shade in the evening outings which looks so good on my lips in this time particularly. I won't wear this lipstick in the morning time, as the pigmentaion of this lipstick is not enough for my dark lips.

For readers note this is may be different shade for your lips to look and for my pigmented lips it is looks like a plum red colour. So I am mentioning like this here, if you want  make fun of it, then make it I don't care :p. Please See the Review HERE

4. Coloressence Lipstick peachy pink Shade:
This is my favourite lipstick which I want to wear it in the day time mostly. I tried this Lipstick in the evening and felt bit darker in the colour for my lips. So, I prefer to wear this lipstick in the day time only. This is peachy pink in the name, but there is no hint of pink in it. But I don't care about it, because I love this shade very much. The pigmentation and staying power is very good for the price. Please check the full Review HERE

5. Inglot Lipstick shade no 61:
Do I have to say this is my favourite lipstick, as you can see the picture and guess how much I used this lipstick :p lols. I am about to sell this lipstick long time back!!! thank God I didn't :). If I apply it slightly this will act like a nude shade and if I apply little extra this will look like a peachy coral shade for my skin tone. Awesome moisture power and staying power of this lipstick made me to buy 3 more shades from this range :P. This is perfect nude shade for medium to dusky skin tones. For fair skin girls this will look like coral shade I guess. Please see the full Review HERE

I am so sorry for this bla bla post, I was in such a hurry situation to make this post as so much work queued up for me to do... :( Girls think this is Sunday, but for me no time to relax. I can call it hectic Sunday :p. Hope you all enjoying your Sunday.

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