Khadi Anti Wrinkle Cream with Saffron and Papaya Review

Khadi Anti Wrinkle Cream with Saffron and Papaya Review
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Today I am going to share the Review of Khadi Anti Wrinkle Cream with Saffron and Papaya. I have finished this cream a month ago, as so many pending reviews are there still, I missed to review this cream. This is an anti-wrinkle cream and yeah I am in my early 30’s to start anti ageing products. I wanted to give a try first on natural products, so bought this one. Let’s see the Review…

About The Product:

Anti-aging creams
Khadi Anti Wrinkle Cream with Saffron and Papaya Review 

Khadi Anti Wrinkle Cream with Saffron&Papaya
Price          250 Rs
Quantity    50 Gms
Shelf Life   2 Years 

Product Description & Ingredients:

Visibly reduces appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots naturally. It has natural essential herbs work as anti-oxidants and skin revitalizers for regular use.

My Experience with Khadi Anti Wrinkle Cream with Saffron&Papaya:
The Package of this Khadi Anti Wrinkle Cream is very cute and comfortable to carry with us if we travel, the cute plastic box with screw type black lid and inside a white thick sheet to avoid the cream spreads on the top.

The texture of the cream is neither thick nor runny and the smell is something like mixed fragrance of Papaya& Saffron. The smell is very mild and won’t disturb sensitive nose.

Though this is herbal product I had a bit hesitation to use it for my face(I do feel this for every new products) Finally started using it, I was using this cream in the night time only and loved it a lot. This cream easily blends and absorbed by the skin. But it causes sweating on my oily skin. But  have no problem with it, because I used it only in the night time and will sleep in the AC room. So, this sweating problem is not a big problem for me. After completely absorbed by the skin the cream gives a good glow for my face, not at all greasy or oiliness. 
I so loved the results in the morning, my face looks and feel soft. Also I saw that my face skin texture has got even out by this cream. Recording wrinkles, to be frank I don’t have any serious wrinkles on my face. All I want to prevent or delay the ageing of my skin. So, I hope if anybody have wrinkles, this cream will surely helps to reduce the problem by regular use. 
This cream lightens the dark spots and acne marks by regular usage, I saw the complete results by using this cream after 10 to 15 days. But the skin smoothness and glow all I felt within few days after started using this cream. I am sure this Khadi Anti Wrinkle Cream with Saffron&Papaya will suits to all skin type. Only thing is oily skin needs small amount of cream and the dry skin needs bit extra cream to apply, that’s it. 
My Likes with Khadi Anti Wrinkle Cream with Saffron&Papaya:

Best suitable for all skin.
Not tested on Animals.
Goodness of papaya&Saffron.
Lightens dark spots and acne marks.
Even out the skin tone.
Brighten up the face.
Leaves skin smooth & soft.
Pleasant fragrance.
Cute package.
No oily or heavy feel and easily absorbed by the skin.
No breakouts for me.

My Dislikes with Khadi Anti Wrinkle Cream with Saffron&Papaya:

Tub package, unhygienic, I hate to dip my fingers each time inside the tub.
It is not easily available.
Bit costlier.

Final verdict:
If you want to try some natural product which is really effective for skin tone improvements try this Khadi Anti Wrinkle Cream with Saffron&Papaya.
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