Monday, July 8, 2013

Jordana Lipstick Plumwine 072 Shade Review, Swatches and LOTD

Hello Beauties,
Today I am going to share Jordana Lipstick 072 Plumwine Shade Review, Swatches and LOTD with you all. I got this lipstick more than a month ago. Actually I am big fan of Jordana's makeup products. They have amazing Lipsticks, lip liners, blushers and Nail paints collections. I am yet to try their Blushers and Nail paints. Mostly very few items from jordana only available in online shops and their website not shipping internationally (If they ship also I can't by because the shipping charge will be high). Let's see the Review...

About the Product:
Plum lipsticks
Jordana Lipstick Plumwine 072 Shade Review, Swatches and LOTD
Jordana Lipstick 072 Plumwine Shade
Price       149 Rs
Quantity 4g

Product Description:
If you want glossy, plump lips, then try out the Jordana Lipstick that helps keep your lip supple and soft, with dazzling and beautiful colours. The Jordana lipsticks are very creamy and rich and they give your lips a shiny, soft finish.
Jordana Lipstick comes in various shades and there is something for everyone, for everyone’s style, for every mood, for every occasion and every look. These lipsticks are suitable for all lip types. What is great about these lipsticks is that they don’t smudge off easily from the lip and spread on your teeth! The ultra- rich and creamy formula will make your lips look glossy and very soft.
  • Offers you full coverage and dazzling colour
  • Creamy and rich texture
  • Smooth-glide, lightweight application
  • Soft shiny finish
Not mentioned!!!

My Experience with Jordana Lipstick 072 Plumwine Shade:
Jordana lipsticks review
Jordana Lipstick Plumwine 072 Shade Review, Swatches and LOTD
Package is as usual Lipstick package, easy to carry along with us. 
The Texture of this lipstick is also creamy and well pigmented.
The smell I don't like it actually, it is not pleasant.
This Jordana Lipstick Plumwine 072 Shade is bold pinkish red shade, that too on my pigmented lips it shows a like a dark red shade. I love this shade very though it is not a daily wearable shade. this Lipstick stays for pretty good time even after had water and food extra. But, it is very hard when it comes to the part of removing this lipstick from the lips :/. 
I wore this lipstick for one night party and for one marriage reception in the evening. Some old aunties actually starred at my lips and I just ignored. Some of my friends asked about the lipstick and told it looks good. I found this shade especially looks very good in the evening and night time. This shade goes well with Red as well as dark pink outfits.

Here is the LOTDs with Falsh and Without Flash:

All I can say that it is a wonderful party wear shade in a affordable price, don't miss it.

My Likes with Jordana Lipstick Plumwine 072 Shade:
  • Affordable.
  • Beautiful Party wear shade.
  • Stays for 4 to 5 hours.
  • Very well pigmented.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Covers lips pigmentation 90%
  • Best suitable for medium to dusky skin tones.
My Dislikes with Jordana Lipstick Plumwine 072 Shade:
  • Not easily available.
  • I don't like this lipstick smell.
  • No ingredient list.
  • Removing this lipstick from lipstick is really challenging task.
  • Dry lips needs to moisturize their lips before apply this lipstick.
Final Verdict:
Jordana Lipstick Plumwine 072 Shade is an beautiful, awesome, pretty affordable lipstick. If you get a chance to buy this lipstick pick it up without a second thought.

Hope My Review is helpful for you all,
Stay bliss,
by Radha