Hot News! BB CREAM GETS COOL! Vitamin E COOL BB CREAM Get Nude Perfection

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Rs 995
Stay cool with Vitamin E COOL BB Cream, our new BB Cream hero. With its light coverage, light price and moisture-rich formula, this cool take on BB Cream quenches skin and covers imperfections in a flash.
Experience beautifully fresh-looking skin in an instant. Vitamin E COOL BB Cream illuminates, evens and corrects your complexion for a refreshed skin-look. What’s more, this hydrating BB Cream drenches skin with moisture for 12 hours. Skin feels wonderfully comfortable all day long.
One Cool Shade
Ever unsure of which shade to pick? Never fear. Vitamin E COOL BB Cream has one shade and an ultra-blendable texture for luminous, naturallooking coverage. It’s so easy to apply and lightweight to wear, it looks and feels like you’re an au naturel, bare-faced beauty.
What’s Inside?
Vitamin E COOL BB Cream is enriched with wheatgerm oil, one of nature’s richest sources of Vitamin E.
Meet our other Vitamin E heroes!
Vitamin E Cool BB Cream is an extension of our iconic Vitamin E skincare range which has been loved by women all over the world since 1977.  A bestseller for 35 years, one Vitamin E product sells every three seconds.
The ‘Vitamin E’ range provides effective protection and hydration to give a clean, refreshed and nourished skin. Enriched with vitamin E harvested from wheatgerm oil, the products in the entire range act as powerful antioxidants increasing the smoothness and suppleness of the skin whilst providing hydration and protection.
The products in the entire ‘Vitamin E’ skincare range provide you everyday solutions from cleansing, toning, moisturizing to expert treatment.
At The Body Shop, we believe true beauty comes from the heart. For us, beauty is much more than a pretty face. It’s about feeling good and doing good, too. We make our products with love and care. We source some of the finest raw ingredients from the four corners of the globe. We harness the skills of artisan farmers and add our expertise to create effective products that are wonderful to use.
We trade fairly so communities benefit as well as you. We never test on animals, and all our products are 100% vegetarian. We campaign with passion on issues close to our heart, because activism is in our blood.
We always keep people, animals and the planet in mind. So when you shop with us, you are

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