Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fem Fairness Crème Bleach Review

Review By Ranju
Hello Beauties,
This fairness bleach is meant for wheatish and dark skin tones though my skin tone is different from the mentioned ones still; I used it on my skin. Calm down! Calm down! (This is for the beauties who just dropped their jaw, because they know the meaning of using the wrong product) I didn't use it for my face, do you think I will ever take that risk, especially when being very choosy at everything? Still, I do take risks (whispers), love trying new ideas well… who doesn't ? Part of everybody’s nature just the percentage differs in each persona.

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Fem Fairness Crème Bleach Review
I loved the idea of blueberry with milk & pearl. Milk works very well for my skin sensitive skin. Pearl and blueberry was something new to me and I always loved pearls. I really had great expectation from this product, because of the mentioned main ingredients. It comes is different sizes and different variants too. So, you can easily choose the one which is meant for your skin requirement.

The one which I received is meant for one use. The box contains two jars- filled with the cream and another one with the powder activator. The cream is white in color and powder activator is blue to be precise its sky blue. It comes with the instruction paper inside which is helpful specially, for the beginners and a spatula to mix the cream and the powder.

I am not religious about using bleach as it also harms the skin. I don’t’ even remember last time when did I use it? :D But, its benefits tempt me sometime but, my sensitive skin type keeps me away from such products. 
I won’t go in detail about the steps as it is already there in the note which is provided with the product. I applied it on my feet as due to travelling my feet and hands have tanned a lot and cannot use it for my face as it’s not meant for my skin tone. I kept the mixture for more than 15 minutes was hoping for a good result. But, it disappointed me. It just worked to some extent just tone fairer than before but, didn't help in removing the tan. Maybe, it’s not meant for my skin tone or maybe the product isn't that good.

My Likes with Fem Fairness Crème Bleach:
1. It comes in different sizes and variants
2. It didn't irritate my feet
3. The main ingredients are tempting
4. This bleaching creme worked to some extent

My Dislikes with Fem Fairness Crème Bleach:
1. Doesn't really give the fairness look
2. Doesn't come with post-bleach cream

Final Verdict:
Well, I don’t really recommend it. There are lots of options available for everyone. But, still the wheatish and dark skin tone beauties may give it a try to check whether it works, if they wish to.

Hope You all like My Review
By Ranju

Editor's Note:
Nice Review Ranju, I never used any bleaching creme till date on my skin, because it is so sensitive. This one looks decent for the price, may be normal skin girls can give a try on this Fem Fairness Crème Bleach...