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Vaadi Herbals Refreshing Lemon and Basil Soap Review

Review By Apoorva 

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Here am I with a soap review. This one is from Vaadi Herbals. This particular soap is claimed to be made of lemon and basil. Let's see the Review...

What does the website say about the product?
Best herbal soaps
Vaadi Herbals Refreshing Lemon and Basil Soap Review
This vitamin-rich soap detoxifies tones and brightens up your skin, while cleansing it. It rids the skin surface as well as pores of dirt, grime, excess oil and germs. It thus keeps your skin clean, while moisturizing and nourishing it.

The soap scientifically chosen mix of herbal ingredients, to keep your skin soft, supple and hydrated. Emollient almind helps the skin absorb water. while humectant honey helps skin retain hydration. The skin is well moisturized, soothed and glowing.

Lemon: Tones Skin. Lightens & Brightens Complexion. Basil: Soothes & Detoxifies Skin. This soap Improves Skin Tone.

Extracts of lemon and basil, Olive oil, Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil and castor oil.

Price and Quantity:
38INR for 75gms

Lemon soaps
It is a rectangular transparent soap bar in a mixture of light green and dark green touch to it. I guess the light green is for lemon and darker one is for basil. (who cares :P)

My Experience with the product:
To start off, I started using it just because it has lemon extracts. I like the refreshing lemon scent the soap contains. It makes the skin clean without making it dry. The lemon scent fills up the shower when you using it and it fades away immediately once you are done with shower. This is the best part. I didn't wanted that lemony flavor to linger on me for long. I somehow liked this soap especially because of monsoon. Finally, it is a basic herbal soap which doesn't do anything to the skin except clean (the claims are pretty high like brightening and stuff)

The lemon is very good for treating your summer sweat odor and keep your skin fresh. The basil fight against bacterial infections caused by sweat. Almond is really good for skin nourishment. I found this soap melts pretty fast. It comes only for a week.
My Likes with Vaadi Herbals Refreshing Lemon and Basil Soap:
  • It has Fresh lemon flavor.
  • This soap Makes skin clean without making it dry.
  • Very much affordable
  • Lasts long 
  • Herbal ingredients
  • Lathers well
  • Cleanse and keeps the skin refreshed
My Dislikes with Vaadi Herbals Refreshing Lemon and Basil Soap:
  • I don’t think it is anywhere available except online, so availability is an issue.
  • This soap melts very fast.
Final words:
If you are looking for a body cleanser in a affordable price which keeps your skin clean and refreshed, vaadi herbals has a great range. Do check them out...

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Editor's Note:
Hello Apoorva Nice review and I have also used this soap and this is the best soap for summers. This Vaadi Herbals Refreshing Lemon and Basil Soap keeps my skin clean and refreshed. I never felt dry with this soap and yes the fairness claim is wrong.