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The Body Shop Rainforest Coconut Hair Oil Review

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Today I am going to share The Body Shop Rainforest Coconut Hair Oil Review with you all. This coconut hair oil claims nourishment for all hair types. I was using Parachute a\Ayurvedic coconut oil. I have received this Hair oil from the BodyShop brand a month ago for review and from that day I am using this hair oil only and it is not yet finished even 1/4 of the oil from the whole content. Let's see the Review...

About The Product:
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The Body Shop Rainforest Coconut Hair Oil Review 
The Body Shop Rainforest Coconut Hair Oil 
Price       645 Rs
Quantity  200 ml 
Shelf Life 2 years
Available at TBS Stores as well as on their online shopping website... 

Product Description:
This luxuriously silky oil melts effortlessly into your hair creating the perfect overnight, leave-in, pre-wash treatment or the optimal nourishing accompaniment to scalp massage.
  • Reveals hair that is strong, soft, shiny with a healthy scalp.
  • Light fragrance
  • Certified with Eco-Conscious Standards
  • Paraben Free, Solicone Free, Colourant Free
Details Taken from

Community Fair Trade Coconut Oil, Organic Amazonian Pracaxi Oil

How To Use
Flip open top cap and gently squeeze bottle to dispense oil into your palm. Massage the hair oil into your hair as per your usual hair oil routine. Avoid direct contact with eyes. Use thrice a week or as often as desired.

My Experience with The Body Shop Rainforest Coconut Hair Oil:
The BodyShop Rainforest Coconut Hair Oil comes in a transparent sturdy plastic bottle with flip open top which is very easy to handle. This smells like virgin olive oil almost which is not very pleasant. The coconut oil is like a plain water in colour with less greasiness than the normal coconut hair oils. 

I tried this oil on my scalp first, since my scalp is oily type, so usually I won't use any hair oils in my scalp on a regular basis. But, this oil makes my scalp more oily, so stopped using it on my scalp and started using this oil only for my hair. This oil has less greasiness so this makes my hair shiny and thick. My hair type is fine and thin, after applying this hair oil my hair became bouncy and thick, I loved this end result. 
I have slightly pale brownish hair ends due to the continuous usage of shampoo and I have noticed that my brownish hair ends getting back the natural black colour. I felt wonderful about this result because I have tried many hair oils for this purpose and got disappointed and this BodyShop Rainforest Coconut Hair Oil showed me the right way. This oil is very good for daily use on a regular basis but the smell is not that pleasant as I said earlier.
The another plus point is very small amount of this The Body Shop Rainforest Coconut Hair Oil is enough for the entire hair. I felt it is very costly hair oil but later realized that very tiny amount is enough for daily use. this hair oil might come for at least 6 months, so when we calculate the usage for a month it is less than 100 Rs. Regarding hair fall this The Body Shop Rainforest Coconut Hair Oil helps to control and prevent hair fall. This is best for dandruff treatment which I have tested it on my friend's scalp, within one week she realized that her dandruff problem got reduced. 
Overall I am very happy with this natural The Body Shop Rainforest Coconut Hair Oil.

My Likes with The Body Shop Rainforest Coconut Hair Oil:
  • Not Tested on Animals.
  • Easily available.
  • Paraben Free, Solicone Free, Colourant Free
  • Safe for chemically treated hair.
  • Helps in reducing dandruff problem.
  • Helps in reducing hair fall problem
  • Best for dry hair.
  • Makes the hair bouncy and thick.
  • Helps to get back the black thick hair ends.
  • Makes the hair shiny and smooth.
  • Very small amount is enough.
  • Less in greasiness.
  • One bottle of this hair oil can come for long time.
  • Only natural ingredients. 
My Dislikes with The Body Shop Rainforest Coconut Hair Oil:
  • It is expensive hair oil.
  • Annoying fragrance. 
  • Nor for oily scalp.
  • I wish The Body Shop could make 100 ml packages of this hair oils for sale, so that it will not seem much costlier and easy to carry also.
Final Verdict:
The Body Shop Rainforest Coconut Hair Oil is a very good hair oil for those who want to invest a bit extra for a hair oil to take care of their hair in a natural way. I personally felt this hair oil is worth the price, so girls give it a try and enjoy bouncy, thick, shiny and black hair. Check 

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PS:Product sent by PR for Review, My review is honest as always.