Perfect Hair Care for Dry Hair with Oily Scalp

Hello Beauties,
Today I am going to share Perfect Hair Care for Dry Hair with Oily Scalp. This is very common hair type in young girls and middle aged ladies. This type of hair is very difficult to maintain, if we don’t know the proper method of maintaining procedures. But, once we get to know the beauty regime for this type hair, it is pretty easy to maintain the hair without greasiness and dryness. The key word of this procedure is maintaining the balance between the oily scalp and dry hair.

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Perfect Hair Care for Dry Hair with Oily Scalp:
How To Find this Hair Type?
We don’t need any special method to find this type of hair, the oily scalp’s greasiness and sweaty smell from the scalp hair is the first indication that your scalp is secreting oil more than the scalp needed, Your forehead will be always filled by zits and the hair remains lifeless, dry and dull. This is lack of good diet and wrong life style. After washing your hair, the very next day your scalp and hair roots will start to become oily and sticky.

Well My Hair type is same annoying oily scalp with dry hair ends :/ , I was trying so many methods like oil massage, spa method treatment, changing the shampoos etc, Nothing has worked for my hair type. Finally found after a great research that I was doing correct methods in a wrong way :p.

Wrong Methods I did:

Gave so much pressure while massaging, combing and shampooing my hair.
 Did full oil massage for the scalp weekly twice.
Did Oil massage and then left it for the whole night.
Oiling my hair regularly.
Left the massaged oil on the scalp more than 2 hours so many times.
Because My Hair ends are dry I used shampoos which are formulated for dry hair.

The Reactions of wrong methods:

Got pimples all over the face whenever I do oil massage and sleep.
Oily Scalp problem was getting worsen.
Face got more oily.
Scalp pores got clogged by over oiling and suffered by dandruff problem for some time.
Hair roots became weak.

How I Changed My Routine Hair Care to Get back My Normal Hair:

I have Started to use Shampoo which is formulated for oily Hair
Applying shampoo mixing with water on the scalp, the ratio should be 1 part shampoo and 3 part water.
Reduced the pressure and harshness on my scalp while shampooing and massaging.
Only using the shampoo on the scalp and then using the shampoo’s lather for cleansing the hair, (don’t use the shampoo).
Using Conditioner for my hair is formulated for dry hair, this we can skip and use the shampoo’s same conditioner if we oil our hair very well before bath, I use to do this one now a days. But in the starting I did follow the rules strictly until my hair becomes bit normal.

Hair care from home
Perfect Hair Care for Dry Hair with Oily Scalp 

Other Tips:

Using Hair serum after hair wash will keep the dry hair ends at bay.
Weekly once or once in 10 days massage you scalp very well will keep your scalp very healthy and normal. But, remember don’t leave the oil on the scalp more than 2 hours.
Comb your hair from the hair root to hair end minimum twice a day for 5 to 7 minutes, this process will balance the oil from the scalp to hair end and then makes the hair even shiny.
Use non greasy oil for daily use, since your scalp is tend to produce extra oil and make the scalp oily naturally. 
Oil your hair often will help to get rid of dry hair ends.
Massaging by oil the hair only before head bath will make the dry hair soft and shiny.
Go for healthy diet, which contains Vitamin A, B & E. Vitamin B has capability of control the hair fall problem.
Keep the scalp clean and sweat free, otherwise fungal and dandruff effects will affect the scalp often.
Taking head bath weekly thrice is good, I won’t recommend alternate day head bath.
Mixing Lemon juice in the last rinse water for hair will make your scalp free from sweaty smell and greasiness.

Best Massaging Hair Oils for Oily Scalp:

Coconut Oil, Olive Oil and Almond Oil these oils are best for massaging oily scalp. 
Best Massaging Hair Oils for Dry hair ends:
Gingelly Oil is the best oil for making the dry hair to soft and shiny, also Mayonnaise will help to make the hair smooth and soft.
Hope I have given helpful tips for you all…
Share your thoughts and stay gorgeous…
With Love Radha…


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