Monday, May 27, 2013

Summer Fruits to Keep You Healthy & Beauty

Hello Beauties,
Hope everybody is doing good, today I am going to share some of my favorite fruits which are helping me to beat the heat of summer. Fruits are the best things to keep our beauty and look younger, also takes part in diet foods. They are filled with water and gives vitamins and minerals supplements. Fruits are rich in fiber content which helps us to regulate our digestive system easily, helps to keep the constipation problem at bay.

Here are my favorite fruits...

1. Watermelon:

Fruits for beauty
Summer Fruits to Keep You Healthy & Beauty 
The most attractive fruit in colour and the taste too, watermelon is rich in Vitamin A which is good for skin and hair. Watermelon tastes sweet, rich in water content, can be taken as juice or as fresh slices and no surprise that this is the most sought fruit in the summer. This fruit has a fat soluble vitamin which in turn to help us to keep fit. This fruit can cool your body in this hot summer, rich in Antioxidants.

Watermelon helps us to balance the water percentage in our body and consuming this fruit on a regular basis will help us to keep our skin younger looking. Expert in energy giving as it is rich in carbohydrates, also rich in potassium like minerals helps new cells rejuvenation in our body. A fresh looking fruit which also gives fresh energy and look and it is a budget buy fruit too, easily available in all vegetable shops.

Over eating will lead to cold and cold related allergies if you have sinus problem, better to have in the day time in a fresh form.

Beauty Tips With Watermelon: 
Applying Watermelon juice often on the prickly heat pimples will cure them easily and make skin beautiful.

2. Grapes:

Grapes in beauty care

The another water rich fruit which is available easily in all vegetable shops and affordable when compared to other fruits. Grapes has two varieties, with seeds and without seeds, also in colour wise Purple, black and green grapes, the purple grapes are mostly sour in taste and the green and black are hybrid varieties mostly tastes sweet. Grapes are citric fruits that is rich in Vitamin C and also some minerals. This fruit also rich in water content, can be a best option for thirsty summers, rich in Antioxidants.

Grapes are the best in treating matured skin and in anti ageing, eating this fruit on regular basis helps us to keep our skin younger and fresher. This is low calorie, nil in cholesterol can fill your hungry stomach and can be a filler of additional diet foods in the mornings. Grapes also contain Vitamin K, A and minerals like manganese, potassium, also rich in fiber which helps in reduce weight and will keep the digestive system healthy.

Best time to have this fruit is morning and afternoon, over eating of Grapes for those who have sinus and cold related allergy patients will lead to severe cold.

Beauty Tips With Grapes:
Being a citric fruit grape juice have excellent property of cleansing the skin and keep the skin looking younger.

3. Orange:

Another colourful, water rich fruit is orange, I love this fruit very much. Orange is a citric fruit which rich in vitamin C, fiber content and minerals. This fruit also contains alpha, beta carotene, which is the sole reason for its orange colour. This is such a juicy fruit can fulfill your summer thirsty and keep your room and your mouth full of aroma.

Very sweet in taste so no doubt it has carbohydrates and B complex vitamin, also rich in antioxidants. It has refreshing aroma and eating this fruit also gives us a refreshed feeling especially in summers.

Better to eat this fruit before evening, I have heard some people who are in diet eating these fruits in the night. My personal opinion is day time is the better option to have water content fruits.

Beauty Tips With Orange:
Applying Orange juice on the skin with honey will brighten the skin and gives the skin a good glow too.

4. Cucumber:

Well, this is not a fruit and it is coming under the vegetable category, it is a green vegetable which is rich in water content. Cucumber rich in B vitamins and minerals like sodium, very good vegetable and can be eatable without cooking, it tastes very well with salt for thirsty summers. Cucumber can cool our body while consuming it regularly in the summers.

Cucumber can Hydrates our body well and it is good to eat tender cucumbers than big ones. Another wonderful diet food, which helps to fill our stomach at the same time it is nil in cholesterol level.

I would suggest to consume cucumber before evening as it is rich in water content, cucumber salad is my all time favorite.

Beauty Tips With Cucumber:
We all know that placing Cucumber slices on the eyes can cure and prevent Dark circles under the eyes, also the puffiness and make the eyes refreshed. Cucumber has anti-inflammatory property which can calm the summer irritated skin, sunburns and prickly heat. Cucumber Juice can be used  for oily skin as a toner to control the oiliness.

Hope you all will love these fruits as well...
Share what is your favorite fruit and How you are using it for you?
With Love Radha...