Vaadi Herbals Perky Peach Soap Review

Hello Girls,

Hope everybody is doing great, today I am going to share
Vaadi Herbals Perky Peach Soap made for skin nourishing therapy. I bought this
last month and this soap got finished also, now the right time to review it.
Again the old dialogue I am a big fan of Vaadi Herbals Handmade soaps and
reviewed so many soaps from this brand. Let’s see the review of Vaadi Herbals Perky Peach Soap…
About The Product:
Best herbal soaps
Vaadi Herbals Perky Peach Soap
Vaadi Herbals Perky Peach Soap
Price           35 Rs
Quantity     75 gms
Shelf life     2 years

Product Description and Ingredients:
A unique combination of natural essentials, this soap makes your skin luminous from within. It boosts blood circulation and cellular renewal., while keeping skin well hydrated. Thus it promotes new and healthier cells. 
Granting your skin a natural radiance!
Peach Improves blood circulation, nourishes and renews skin.
Almond oil: Cleanses and hydrates skin, improves skin texture
Wheatgerm oil promotes skin regeneration and improves circulation.

Extract of peach, Almond oil, Wheatgerm oil, Shea butter and clay.

My Experience with Vaadi Herbals Perky Peach Soap:
This Soap comes as usual package of thick paper box and
inside two polythene paper wrap. Inside the soap looks like yummy fruit bar and
has fruity fragrance. I love citrus and orange fruits fragrance very much; this
soap smells mixed fruit smell for me.
This soap Lathers very well, cleans my skin very well and
leaves my skin fresh, fragrance full and soft. This soap claims skin nourishing and
my skin felt it very well. I am enjoying my bath everyday like I am taking bath
in a fruit juice and got my skin nourished well.
Overall this soap is best for fruit flavour lovers and skin
got smoothens more, which I have felt it practically. The peach extracts smell is very good and the wheatgerm oil makes the skin so soft. This soap looks like a fruit jelly and tempts me to bite. 

I wish this soap could stay for more time without melting quickly. Because it lathers well it cleanse the skin well and I loved the aroma by this soap while bathing. I am slowly becoming addict to Vaadi Herbals Soaps now a days. I have tried almost all of their soap varieties. I loved the Royal Indian Khus soap very much from their soap varieties and I have already reviewed it in my blog.

My Likes with Vaadi Herbals Perky Peach Soap:

This is very affordable and handmade Herbal soap.
Natural essential oil ingredients.
Skin feels the nourishment by the soap.
Awesome fruity fragrance.
This soap leaves the skin smooth and soft.
It is perfect for summer baths.

My Dislikes with Vaadi Herbals Perky Peach Soap:

Availability through online shops only.
Melts off quickly.

My Final Verdict:

Vaadi Herbals Perky Peach Soap is the best choice for fruity
fragrance lovers and it is doing its skin nourishment job perfectly. Do get it and enjoy your bath…
Hope My Review will be helpful for you all,
Share your thoughts and stay pretty,
With lots of Love Radha